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  • 5 Reviews on “Idaho Elk Hunts”

    • Brian Hasslen
      2 years ago

      Very happy. This was my first experience going on a guided hunt. We had have very good success DYI in the past, but I wanted to go for a full on back country horseback hunt. I kind of knew what to expect but in a lot of ways it exceeded my expectations. I was just too exhausted to try and fill my deer tag as well yet I couldn’t be happier with the Outfitter, guides, wrangle, and cook. It was a fantastic experience. I will be back.

    • Chuck
      2 years ago

      This sucker is a toad. Packed this SOB out on my back, five trips total, 1,000 vertical up, 1,000 vertical down and about 5-6 miles per round trip. Feeling it today, but this is a real deal bull. Cut his tracks early in the snow, was freaking cold up there. All our food and water froze solid, even in the cooler. Had to thaw it out by the fire. Hammered him at 109 yards with a .308. There was another bull with him, but we never saw him, only his ghostly tracks through the burn.”

    • Greg
      2 years ago

      I was a bit excited when we called in a bull, and missed a mature 6×6. Then on my second opportunity, two days later, I shot and hit a mature bull, but my spotter confirmed that he was hit well and looked like he was not going to make it. We searched for two and a half days and still have not found the bull. –Big Bummer.

    • Steve
      2 years ago

      I passed up on some opportunities on some smaller bulls, but on the 5th day we got in on some rutting excitement. My guide called a group of cows out of the thickness of trees, and I made a perfect shot at 240 yds and dropped this great bull in his tracks. The six by five gross scored 328 6/8. The charter pilot couldn’t get antlers in the plane because he was so wide, so they ended up flying with the door open.

    • Bren Hasslen
      2 years ago

      This was three days of exhausting, exciting, and intense hunting. Just what the doctor ordered!!! This is hunting at its truest. By foot and horse back. Couldn’t get any better. I thought I was in decent shape for this hunt, but the mountains of Idaho and the Frank Church said otherwise kicking my ass thoroughly!! Adam, Don, Dalton, and Megan went above and beyond to make this a great, great hunt. Along the way we made some great friends!!! This is one great outfitter!!! They love what they do and it certainly showed!!

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