New Mexico Unit 6C

New Mexico Unit 6 C Map

Adjacent to the Valles Caldera National Preserve and home to a large population of elk, New Mexico Unit 6C allows hunters a realistic opportunity at 280-320 inch bulls, with larger bulls being killed regularly.

Primary methods of hunting in New Mexico Unit 6C will be spot and stalk as well as hiking and glassing from vantage points.  Depending on the time of your hunt, elk could be bugling during their yearly rut. This can be a physically demanding hunt as the terrain is steep in most areas.

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New Mexico Unit 6C Size and Land Ownership*

  • Overall unit size: 1214.7
  • US Forest Service: 548.1
  • BLM: 81.3
  • State: 34.2
  • USFS Wilderness: 8.1
  • Other Gov’t Owned: 333.9
  • Private Land: 17.9%

*all values in approx. square miles

Unit Boundary Description

New Mexico’s Unit 6C starts at the junction of NM 96 and forest road (FR) 103 east of Gallina and running south along FR 103 to it’s junction with FR 117, then south along FR 117 to it’s junction with FR 527 (Pipeline road), then east along FR 527 to it’s junction with the west boundary of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, then north, east, south and west along the boundary of the preserve to it’s junction with NM 4 and FR 280, then south along FR 280 to it’s junction with forest service trail (FT) 1-40, then south along FT 140 to Peralta Creek, then south and east along Peralta Creek to it’s junction with FR 266, then south and east along FR 266 to it’s junction with NM 16, then south and east along NM 16 to it’s junction with interstate I-25, then north along I-25 to it’s junction with US 84 at Santa Fe, then north along US 84 to it’s junction with NM 96 west of Abiquiu, then west along NM 96 to it’s junction with FR 103.