Archery Elk Hunting Tactics

Elk calling

If you haven’t bow hunted for elk yet, beware of the Archery Elk Flu…. it is a growing epidemic sweeping the West! If you catch it, you’re gonna need to know some archery elk hunting tactics. These include: learning how to hunt mature, age class bulls and ambushing strategies.

Advanced Archery Elk Hunting Tactics

  • Bull elk bugling
    To successfully and consistently kill age class bulls, you need to learn some elk hunting basics.

    Get away from people.

  • At the end of the day the wind is key to everything “elk”. Control your scent and learn how to use thermals.
  • Mature bulls bugle regularly all day. Remember that, and practice with your elk calls during the off season.
  • Know your hunting area intimately.
  • Some hunters feel that bedding area is sacred and not to be messed with. Bold hunters will get on the same elevation and sneak in on a bull in his bed if the wind is right.
  • Chasing a bull is a waste of time. Be patient, they aren’t going anywhere…. unless you are hunting agricultural area or there is a lot of pressure.
  • Every bull will come in screaming if you hit him at the right time.
  • Use your nose. When you smell a bull, get your bird dog on and use the wind.
  • Be ready for any and every opportunity.
  • Be set up prior to any calling settings. Check lanes so you don’t get caught with your pants down.
  • Bugle to find bulls as opposed to cow calling.
  • Match your bugle to the class of bull you are targeting.
  • Listen to podcasts to learn archery elk hunting tactics from seasoned hunters.
  • When you get close, use the “far away bugle”.
  • Stop calling once they get so close that you’re going to get caught (if you are solo hunting).
  • Learn how to ambush elk.
  • Having the right elk hunting gear is important, but nothing will replace time in the field.
  • There are some very affordable, high success guided archery elk hunts out there.
  • Hopefully, now you’ll need to learn patience so that you can wait on your taxidermist.
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