Affordable Archery Elk Hunts

Bull elk bugling

If you’re looking for an outfitter that offers quality, yet affordable archery elk hunts where success and fun hunting over trophy quality is the goal, we can help. We do have high quality trophy archery elk hunts as well, but we find that most bowhunters are looking for a solid bang for their buck (or bull).

Our Most Affordable Archery Elk Hunts:

Archery elk hunts tend to be more affordable than rifle hunts, and some of them are in are in areas that are covered up in elk.

Wyoming Elk Hunts

Wyoming has great trophy quality. Any mature six point is a good bull in most units, but our bowhunters take bulls over 320 inches in Wyoming almost every year.

  • You have to apply for a tag in for Wyoming (some areas have 90% draw odds with no points).
  • The elk population in Wyoming is very strong and in high density.
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Idaho Public Land Hunts

The outfitters that we work with in Idaho have some really good, affordable archery elk hunts. We consider any mature Idaho bull a great trophy, but our hunters often get chances at bulls over 300 inches on these hunts. These are typically pack-in, horseback hunts with wall tent accommodations. You’ll be deep enough into the backcountry that you shouldn’t have to worry about running into many other hunters.

  • Idaho elk tags are available over the counter.
  • Depending on the unit and/or outfitter, you can also add a mule deer.
  • These hunts are more affordable if they’re guided 2-on-1, so bring a buddy.
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New Mexico Private Land with Landowner Vouchers Included

This hunt has two different kinds of ranches. One (almost 60,000 acres), is very easy flat to rolling terrain with TONS of elk. When I say TONS, that is exactly what I mean. When we scouted this ranch late season, this year, our guys saw over 300 elk in 5 days. This is a drive around, bugle from the truck and work in on bulls that respond, type hunt. Most of the bulls will be 5×5 and 6×6 with a reasonable chance at a 300 inch bull. There are water hole opportunities for those that can’t cover country at all. This is a very high success hunt with easy hunting conditions on good but not great bulls. This outfitter went 100% success with his archery clients last year.

The other ranch is very high altitude (9,000 ft) and classic rugged elk terrain. The ranch is 8,000 acres and backs up to a very landlocked wilderness area that makes for more ground than anyone, on one hunt, can cover. You will need to be physically fit on this hunt and this ranch has high success (for physically fit hunters) on bulls over 300″. This ranch is not well-roaded and clients will need good gear and be ready for a lot of hiking for the big boys.

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Colorado Public Land

This hunt will be another wilderness pack-in horseback hunt. You will be hunting in very steep terrain and at high altitude (9,000-12,000 ft). There are a TON of bulls on this hunt as well. Every client we placed last year had shot opportunities on bulls and raved about the outfitter and his area.

If you want a classic Rocky Mountain elk hunt in Colorado, deep in, and all alone, this is the one. The trophy quality on the elk here are 5×5 and 6×6 bulls with chances at bulls in the low 300’s. The key to success, and enjoyment on this hunt is being in shape. If you are in shape this is truly an epic adventure at a hell of a good price. This hunt is cheap and guided 2 on 1 for a 5 day hunt.

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