Archery Elk Flu – There’s a Pandemic out there folks!

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So I felt it was my duty to help warn you all about the growing epidemic known as Archery Elk Flu and all of its terrible symptoms. For those of you who have never been exposed to Archery Elk Hunting the rut, let me just say, whew!!!! You have dodged a bullet, and can stop reading here.

But for those of you who have even been thinking about going on an archery elk hunt in the rut you better watch out! Once you are exposed to Archery Elk Flu you will find yourself experiencing nasty symptoms.

Symptoms of Archery Elk Flu

  • Panoramic Myopia – which consists of experiencing such incredible and breathtaking views of wild and high places that you are literally blinded to the world around you. You may find upon return to civilization that colors don’t seem as vivid and the noise of society is near deafening.
  • Screaming Bull Fever – which consists of waterfalls of sweat pouring from the palms of your hands; tornado-like breathing and near loss of control of basic motor skills.
  • Full Draw Blues – which has been found to induce extreme muscle burn; the shakes; and bouts of intent prayer, followed by cursing; the what-ifs; and even maniacal laughter.
  • No Hunting Nausea – quite often triggered by state draw results, or the closing of a season.

This sickness is not to be trifled with.

This is a true pandemic that sweeps the western half of our nation every fall. And the symptoms I discussed above barely even  scratch the surface. The nastiness that archery elk hunting can cause on the unsuspecting hunter is quite terrifying. In a matter of minutes it can put you on the lowest of lows or the highest of highs. That is both the worst, and best thing about Archery Elk Flu.

We suggest that you wear a camo face mask…even face pain has strangely been found to work quite well. But even with precautions, it is a fickle condition and overall has been found to be highly contagious. Even addictive.

Archery Elk Flu is found across the Western US and Canada and there is no known cure.

However the team here at can help you manage your Archery Elk Flu no matter its stage. Be it a new diagnosis or a full blown chronic condition. Contact us to find out how we can help you find the right treatment for your condition.

We offer incredible archery elk hunts all across the West.

Some have even said that the Center for Disease Control blames us for this growing pandemic. Get in touch with us and catch the bug today.

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