Wolf Hunting Gear – A Complete Packing List

wolf hunting gear

The packing list below is the recommended wolf hunting gear that outfitters would like you to bring on your adventure. If you already have similar items to those on the list then there’s no need to purchase the entire list.

If you have questions regarding gear please reach out to our suggested outfitter gear list team.

Wolf Hunting Gear and Clothing Packing List

This wolf hunting gear list is intended to give you a general idea of what you’re going to need. The clothing and footwear you wear, and even some of the gear you’ll bring on your wolf hunt depends totally on the time of year. When choosing your gear, just use common sense and adjust accordingly.

Clothing and Apparel Recommendations for a Wolf Hunt


  • Good quality hunting boots are absolutely essential. Base the boots you choose on the time of year you are hunting. Our team has had good luck with Kenetrek and Hoffman boots.
  • Suggested Qty: 1 pair

Top Base Layer

  • Merino wool is the ideal base layer for extended hunts as it resists odor-causing bacteria and will keep you warmer than synthetics when it becomes damp.
  • We also suggest a mid-weight long sleeved t-shirt style, quick-drying stretch fleece base layer with a zippered neck.
  • Suggested Qty: 2 each


  • You can probably plan on wearing a hoody all day. A good hoody is a great piece of apparel that slides right into your layering system. Use it as a lightweight outer layer on mild days or a mid-layer on cooler ones.
  • Suggested Qty: 1

Bottom Base Layer

  • Merino wool is the ideal base layer for extended hunts as it resists odor-causing bacteria and will keep you warmer than synthetics when it becomes damp.
  • If you are hunting wolves during the late season, it is highly suggested that you also take a pair of heavyweight synthetic bottoms.
  • Suggested Qty: 2 to 3


  • We highly recommend having a good merino boxer. Merino wool boxers will keep you fresh, dry and cool throughout the day.
  • Suggested Qty: 1 pair per day

Merino Socks

  • We highly recommend having a good merino socks.
  • Suggested Qty: 1 pair per day


  • Having a high quality, windproof jacket with moisture management technology is critical. Adjust the weight according to the season.
  • Suggested Qty: 1


  • A vest that is impervious to moisture and continues to retain heat is a good addition to your insulation layer, or a core outer piece on cold days.
  • Check your regulations to see if the state you are hunting requires hunter orange. If orange is required, we like King’s Blaze Soft Shell Vest.
  • Suggested Qty: 1

Top Insulation

  • Bring a good insulation layer that is lightweight, weatherproof, packable and high on warmth. The SITKA Kelvin Lite Down Jacket is a good choice.
  • Suggested Qty: 1


  • A good pair of pants with reinforced waterproof knees and seat will keep you comfortable and dry. Adjust according to season.
  • If you’re hunting in the late season, insulated pants are a good option for cold temperatures.
  • Suggested Qty: 1

Rain Jacket and Pants

Gloves, Beanie and Cap

  • We would suggest you bring both lightweight and mid-weight gloves for any hunt.
  • If you’re hunting in the winter, a heavy, insulated glove will be needed as well.
  • A good beanie based on the time of year is critical. The SITKA Beanie provides lightweight, low-profile warmth for those brisk early-season days and easily stuffs into your pocket when the temperature picks up.
  • We highly recommend having a ball cap.
  • Suggested Qty: 1 of each

Misc. Clothing

  • Neck Gaiter – Great for keeping your neck warm on snowmobile rides. If you’ve never worn a neck gaiter while hunting, once you wear one, you’ll never go back.
  • Gaiters – A waterproof gaiter will keep water, snow, and debris out of your boot and extend the life of your pants by reducing lower leg wear-and-tear.

Wolf Hunting Gear Recommendations


  • A good backpack is critical for keeping your wolf hunting gear organized. We recommend using EXO Mountain Gear backpacks.
  • A rainfly isn’t a requirement but is great for keeping your pack dry.
  • Suggested Qty: 1


  • Depending on the wolf hunt, a good set of binoculars can be essential or just a convenience. While not a requirement on some hunts, good optics are HIGHLY recommended.
  • We also recommend that you bring a binocular harness with you.
  • Lens cleaner and an anti-fog kit are something you’re going to want to have in your pack.
  • Suggested Qty: 1


  • Distress Calls – With the right sounding call, a good coyote hunter can call in a wolf, but a wolf’s territory is five times bigger than a coyote’s, which means the biggest problem in calling them is the time you have to put in to locate the roaming pack. Any good predator call that you use for coyote hunting will work. If the state you’re hunting allows you to use an electronic predator call, then you should go that route.
  • Wolf Howler – Many hunters can howl with their voice, but there are a few good howlers on the market. We’ve used the Rocky Mountain Alpha Wolf Howler with some success.

Misc. Items

  • Rifle Sling – Not required, but great when hiking.
  • Boot Wax
  • GPS – We like the Garmin inReach.
  • Trekking Poles – These are a great tool when hiking the steep terrain.
  • Headlamp – Having a good headlamp are a must-have on your wolf hunt, and we recommend having two (with extra batteries).
  • Hunting Knife – While there are lots of good knives out there to choose from, we use the Havalon EXP for our every day carry, and the Havalon Piranta-EDGE is essential in every pack. Another good choice would be the Outdoor EDGE Razor-LITE.
  • First Aid Kit – We recommend always having a compact medical kit in the pack.
  • Patching Tape – Not a Requirement but great to have any time for quick repairs if needed. We like to use Tenacious Tape.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Mole Skin – In addition to Mole Skin, you should have some GlacierGel in your pack. It’s the next generation in blister dressing.
  • Paracord – Not a requirement, but about 30 feet of Paracord or rope is great to have any time.
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A few key things to remember in addition to your wolf hunting gear:

  • Consider purchasing Hunt Insurance.
  • If you are hunting with an outfitter, Please let them know your travel plans one month in advance of your hunt. Whether you are driving or flying they would like to know so they can accommodate airport pickup and parking if needed.
  • Also, remember to bring all hunting licenses and tags you will need for the hunt.
  • Please bring all medication you will need and let your outfitter and guide know of any medical issues or conditions prior to the start of the hunt.
  • Check the regulations on hunter orange requirements.
  • Remember to bring tips for your guide, cooks, and packers. The standard tip for a guide is 15% to 20% of your hunt cost.
  • Also, remember to train for your hunt as this will make the trip more enjoyable.

We are very excited about your upcoming wolf hunt, and let us know if you have any questions about gear. If you’re looking to book a wolf hunt, we can help with that as well.

Thank you,