Travel Insurance for Hunters

Trip Insurance for Hunters

We HIGHLY recommend that you protect yourself and your hunt with travel insurance policies providing for medical evacuation and for lost/stolen baggage, and trip cancellations.

Travel Insurance for Hunters

A good outfitter will do their very best to see that you do not have to use it, but having travel insurance could mean the difference between life and death or save you tens of thousands of dollars, should an unforeseen accident or illness strike… a no-brainer really. Insuring your baggage, firearms, and personal belongings is very important when traveling in third world situations. No matter how well planned the hunt is, baggage is stolen or lost every year. An insurance premium is a small price to pay for protecting your valuable property. 

Medical Evacuation for Hunters

Hunting can be dangerous, and often takes place in remote environments.

It’s nice to have the peace of mind that if something does happen to you on a hunt, you are able to be evacuated to a hospital of your choice. Legally we can’t make any recommendations, but on our own hunts, we use Travel Guard for travel insurance for peace of mind.

Trip Insurance Covers Cancelled Hunts

Most policies say that they include cancellation coverage, but be sure to read the small print. There are often exclusions that may include:

  • Cancellations by airlines or outfitters
  • Changes made by the insured hunter
  • Cancellation caused by a change in the hunters financial situation
  • Government regulation changes
  • Changes to the insured hunter prior to the effective insurance date
  • Failure of the guide or outfitter to provide travel plans

This includes almost any eventualities leading to a cancellation, so it is advised to buy additional any reason trip cancellation coverage. If a missed flight connection causes lost hunting time, make sure your policy allows for reimbursement for this prepaid, non-refundable trip cost.

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