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Pak-Rat Rifle Sling Review

The heart of the system is the Pak-Rat Quick-Clip that attaches to your backpack’s shoulder straps and holds the rifle sling secure. It can be very quickly released with one hand and no looking, yet holds the rifle as you move around freely.
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Pak-Rat Rifle Sling
The heart of the system is the Pak-Rat Quick-Clip that attaches to your backpack’s shoulder straps and holds the rifle sling secure.

It easily attaches to any binocular or backpack shoulder strap, holds your rifle sling from falling off your shoulder and is opened to release your rifle in less than 2 seconds.

Imagine your booked a mountain dream hunt for a Ibex, Marco Polo or maybe an elk and or mule deer and your rifle slips off your shoulder and bangs on the rocks; is your scope knocked off? Is your high end optics and gun damaged, do you feel confident that your shot will still be on at the moment of truth?

I stopped worrying about that because I have been using the Pak-Rat to hold my rifle on my shoulder, hands free for years with no problems. I first got one about 5 years ago while hunting Alpine Chamois in Europe and have loved it ever since. It kept my rifle locked on my shoulder but came back off in a second; it’s made in Idaho and it’s only $20 bucks.

Mat Cervantes
Hunting Consultant for Outdoors International


Last rifle season I hiked 56 miles over eight days. You know what all of those miles had in common? I fought my gun. Yep, even with a great sling built with non-slip material on the inside, when the backpack shoulder straps and rifle sling try to occupy the same shoulder, there is conflict –  the sling wants to slide off the shoulder. Thus, we hike with one hand on the sling to counter it or at very least constantly reposition the sling strap. Not anymore because I found the Pak-Rat Combo rifle support system.

Lisa Deming
Editorial Assistant for Sportsman’s News Magazine

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