Ontario Wolf Hunt

This is one of the best wolf hunts available anywhere in the world! The outfitter who runs this Ontario wolf hunt has 30+ years of successfully hunting wolves.

This is one of the best wolf hunts available anywhere in the world! The outfitter who runs this Ontario wolf hunt is on top of the game! With 30 years of experience and scouting, they know how to be successful at hunting wolves.

This Ontario wolf hunt is different from most others.

A typical morning begins by checking areas where wolves are known to hang out via truck and snow machines.  If there are fresh tracks, your guide will run a perimeter around the block of woods. If it’s determined the wolves are bedded down within the block, you will be placed in strategic positions for a “Drive”.

The crew of guides and hunters are assembled, and the push through the woods begin. You’ll be sitting at the end of the block of woods waiting for the wolves to come out. The anticipation of being on stand waiting for one of the most elusive big game animals in the world to appear before you is an experience you will not soon forget. The only problem is that you’ll have to shoot fast.

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Wolf hunting is never easy, but this one stands above the rest.

No wolf hunt has high success. However, this one is about as good as it gets with a long track record of great success. This highly experienced team will do their absolute best to help you find the wolf of your dreams! With 30 years of experience and scouting they know how to hunt wolves.

This hunt isn’t super physically difficult but it would be wise to be in decent shape. That’s because our Ontario wolf hunt takes place in the winter months when the snow is very deep. You can hunt any way you wish, but we HIGHLY recommend shooting a rifle that will reach out there. Practice shooting long range.

Ontario Wolf Hunting Season

Season is from December to March. It’ll be in the middle of winter when snow is very deep so dressing warm is a must.

Food and Lodging for Your Ontario Wolf Hunt

  • Lodging and meals are Included in your Ontario wolf hunt.
  • You will have a continental breakfast to start out the day followed with a lunch out in the woods.
  • Your day ends with a deluxe supper.
  • There are options for private and semi private rooms and a kitchenette at your disposal.
  • Also included in your stay is Satellite T.V. and WIFI.

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