Southern Utah, Northern Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts

Southern Utah/ Northern Arizona Mountain Lion Hunting with Graylight Outfitters

We have a wide range of territory providing us the ability to hunt all year and top quality Mountain Lions in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

If Utah or Arizona mountain lion hunting is not on your bucket list it should be!

Lion hunting is the most action packed, truly wild hunts in the world. It will test you physically and emotional it will give you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, it will push your mind and body to the limits and will share with you the purest form of fulfillment you can imagine.

We hunt southern and central Utah mountain lions and AZ mountain lion.

From 10,000 foot peaks to the flats of the Desert we have no shortage of trophy toms In to chase. Harvesting a cougar is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean the adventure, the thrill , the excitement is not!! for those that want to experience this hunt but are hesitant to harvest such an animal, we have great options for you.

Come and take part in a truly special experience and leave with a professional quality trophy photo to hang on your wall and remember the hunt of your lifetime with!! If you have any concerns about the treatment or health of the big cats we assure you they are only treed long enough for time to harvest or take pictures then we pull the dogs back allowing these amazing animals to retire in peace. As for our amazing hounds they enjoy the hunt more then we could ever hope too and are well rewarded for their efforts!

Hunting Season

We have high density populations allowing us to hunt all year for trophy quality Cats!

Success Rates

One of the highest success rates possible for Lion hunting (near 90 percent).


With over 20 years as a predator control hunter and professional guide you will have one of the best guides in the business


You may use a rifle, Bow, or Muzzleloader during your Mountain Lion hunt .

Food and Lodging

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be provided but be prepared to eat a hefty breakfast since some days may be hard to have a sit down lunch, once our amazing hounds get the scent we may have to snack on the go. Our lodging will depend on the time of  year and the units we are hunting. Hotel, Cabin, or our 5 star Wall Tent camp.

Interested in Booking a Hunt?

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