Utah Cow Elk Hunts

Cow Elk Hunts

Late season cow elk hunts greatly help reduce damage to agricultural lands and promote herd health. It’s widely known good management of the elk herds leads to healthy populations free of disease and starvation. In Utah we offer late season cow elk hunts that have allowed our herds to stay extremely healthy and disease free which means your able to harvest some of the best meat available!

This 3 day management cow hunt is fully outfitted with one of Utah’s premier outfitters.

Elk hunts come with transport, food and lodging so you can help manage the Utah elk population and insure the preservation of these great animals for the next generation to enjoy.

Late season elk hunts are a great and inexpensive way to get yourself into the western elk hunting or simply a great way to introduce a new hunter to the challenges and excitement elk hunting has to offer. great for introducing your spouse, son or daughter to hunting in a low stress high octane environment of a late season cow elk hunt.

We want this to be the adventure of your dreams right down to the last detail.

We will do everything in our power to provide the type of accommodations that you want or need to meet your hunting adventure requirements. Wether you want to spend your time in a 5 star wall tent camp, comfortable RV’s, ranch house, or we can provide hotel lodging as well. Your comfort is our number one concern when hunting with us! so let’s get your Utah cow elk hunt booked!

Hunting Season

Our late season Cow Elk hunts take place in November through the end of January

Success Rates

We have over a 90 percent success rate with 100 percent opportunity rate!


One on one or two on one guiding with a Highly experienced Guide. With over 20 years experience guiding!


You may hunt with any weapon but keep in mind the highest success rates are with Rifle.

Food and Lodging

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be provided. Our lodging depends on what you want, Hotel, Ranch house, RV camper, or our 5 star Wall Tent camp.

Interested in Booking a Hunt?

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