Montana Elk Hunt on the Galt Ranch

elk hunting

Famous for its world class bull elk and for its animal planet TV show the, Last American Cowboy! Stay here at an iconic American Ranch in the heart of the west where cowboys still work the land today. On The Galt Ranch a well known Montana cattle ranch which is home to many elk we are not dependent on the elk migration or cold winter storms to bring the elk here. All though they frequent different areas of the ranch and neighboring ranches we have lots to choose from. The Galt Ranch is fairly rugged with high open parks and ridges. You would be hard pressed to find a better Montana private land elk hunt!

This is a horseback hunt.

The stock will allow us to get to most areas but you will need to be prepared and in good physical shape to be able to put the final sneak on that big bull, we cannot guarantee you an elk which is one of the hardest animals in the world to hunt but  we can give you the best possible chance to harvest on a Montana Private land Elk Hunt and will put forth 100% effort to get you on to the Elk!

This is not a high fence hunt, but the area is behind locked gates which provides extremely good hunting opportunity. There will be a professional licensed guide provided for every 2 hunters while we hunt with the use of horses and mules which will allow you access that a 4 wheeler or pickup cannot get to. All general season hunts are 5 full days of hunting. You will enjoy the vast amount of private land elk country the ranch has offer throughout the week. The ranch does not allow public hunting or access. Our crew and the ranch crew are the only exceptions.


You will be accompanied by a very professional and experienced guide. Most hunts will be two on one.


This hunt takes place during Rifle season. We recommend even tho you may have opportunities at closer range shots be prepared to take longer shots, only to ensure you have the ability to take the bull of your dream!

Food and Lodging

The lodge is very nice, comfortable and complete with a full open kitchen, large dining area and living area. Guests will be staying in rooms with 2 beds per room and shared bathrooms. This is a great camp with full amenities including phone and WiFi. We can accommodate up to 20 guests at a time.

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