Roosevelt Archery Elk Hunting in Oregon

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Roosevelt elk live in a dark, lush, patchwork of old-growth timber, clearcuts, and reproduction forest (reprod) with a confusing maze of logging roads often ending in locked gates — along the Pacific Coast from California to British Columbia. To make matters worse, in Oregon the habitat is a hodgepodge of farms, timberland, and homes, mixed in with huge chunks of public land. It would take a lifetime for a DIY bowhunter to figure out where to legally hunt…. this hunt is your solution.

In the Pacific Coast Range, the canyons are vertical, the brush is dense — and the victory is huge!” ~Lon E. Lauber

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What you should expect on this Oregon elk hunt


In western Oregon’s jungles, getting a clear shot can seem impossible.

Hunting Method for Roosevelt archery elk hunting in Oregon
Expect to spend many hours glassing for elk feeding and rutting in clearcuts, natural meadows, and reprod. All of the guides are very archery savvy, and bowhunters themselves. You will be hunting a mix of 20,000 acres of private as well as public land, and you won’t be in competition with public hunters.

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Opportunity Rates and Trophy Quality
Over 90% of bulls harvested make P&Y, and they have an incredible success rate of 75%!

Oregon Elk Hunting Season and License Information

Oregon Elk Hunting Season
The archery elk season in Oregon is mid-August through mid-September.

License and Tags
Archery Tags are over the counter for every unit except Unit 26 (Powers Unit). *This outfitter hunts in Units: 24; 25; and 26

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Elk Hunting in Western OregonTravel
Fly to the Coos Bay/North Bend airport where you will be picked up and driven to camp by the Outfitter or one of his guides.

Lodging is in RV Campers (1 hunter per unit) at the Outfitters’ home. Meals are home-style and you will eat in the house. Max capacity in camp is three, but a party of four in the same group is welcome.

Custom gear list for this hunt

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