Fallen Tree Kills Trophy Elk & 9 Point Whitetail Buck

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Have you even been in the woods and found something like this? This is both lucky & unlucky in the same place. Nature really can be cruel even to it’s own kind, as for the lucky prospector what a great trophy find in both cases.

This Ohio Whitetail buck was very unlucky on this day. Ty Beal discovered the deer on a mushroom hunt. His conclusion was a wild cherry tree limb fell from an estimated 50 feet landing on the trophy whitetails neck crushing the spine, and leaving the deer to die. Lets just hope for the buck sake it was instant death.


Is Mother Nature a trophy hunter or is this a case of revenge?
I say she’s a trophy hunter.


This Trophy Elk was just as unlucky as the whitetail buck, we could not find much of a description on this incident. Our conclusion is that it was a tree kill as well. This bull elk looks like he had a little more impressive headgear. In both cases the odds were not in their favor.

This is a good reminder to keep your eyes open and searching for horns while you in the woods as you never know what kind of trophy you may find!!!

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  1. Cory Glauner says

    I've never seen a tree fall on something… other than my Aunt Kris Anderson , but I have seen a tree that grew around a bighorn sheep skull. I'll look for the picture.

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