West Texas Aoudad Hunt

West Texas Aoudad Hunts with Double Diamond Outfitters (1)

Free range aoudad hunting on over 400,000 acres of some of the best aoudad country West Texas has to offer! With ranches in the Chinati, Davis, Glass and Sierra Vieja Mountains I can hunt one ranch for several days and then move to another ranch.  This keeps the hunting pressure down, and the trophy quality high for all of my aoudad hunts, as well as our mule deer hunts.

It takes 10 years to get a 30″ free range aoudad, and in order to keep my trophy quality, and success rate, high I sell a limited number of  hunts each year.  I always sell out and I’m typically booked 12 months, or more, in advance. I’m on every hunt to provide my personal attention/service to help ensure your hunt is an experience of a lifetime. You, or your group, have exclusive rights to the ranch for the duration of your stay.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality

As of the fall of 2018 I have a 100% shot opportunity on 135+ aoudad hunts and my average harvested ram is 30″ and 10+ years old.  Of the 18 rams harvested in the fall of 2019, 7 rams were over 31″.  4 of those rams were over 32″ and 3 of those 7 were over 33″.  The biggest ram we harvested this fall was a huge ram with 15″ bases and 35″ horns. He scores 160-4/8″ making him the new #5 in the world SCI! This ram, combined with the 155+” ram we harvested last year, make us the only outfitter in the last 10 years to put two free range aoudad in the top 25 in the world…which is something I’m very proud of!!

How We Aoudad Hunt

The mountains of West Texas are very rough and rugged and to cover this vast country we use either a dune buggy, or a Jeep, to locate the aoudad.  Once we locate the sheep, we drive as close as we can and then it’s time to strap on your backpack, lace up your boots, and start hiking.

Huge herd of aoudad in West Texas

Preparing for your Aoudad Hunt

Don’t fool yourself.  Aoudad hunting is real sheep hunting! Depending on which ranch we end up hunting the elevation will vary from about 4,500′ to 6,200′ above sea level.  The terrain is very rough and rocky so come prepared to hike in the high desert carrying your backpack, water, and rifle.  Do as much hiking as you can, carrying the same weight you plan to carry on your aoudad hunt, wearing the same hiking boots you plan to wear on your hunt and you will have a much more enjoyable hunt.  We drive as much as we can, but plan on hiking if you want to kill a trophy aoudad ram!

It takes 10 years to get a 30″ free range aoudad, and in order to keep my trophy quality, and success rate, high I sell a limited number of aoudad hunts each year.

Practice your shooting!

I tell all of my aoudad hunters to be prepared to shoot 400 yards, so get out to the range and practice as often as possible.  We will do our best to get as close a shot as possible, but the great eyesight of the aoudad (they have 8 power vision) and sparse vegetation make getting any closer than 400 yards impossible fairly often.  These are big, tough critters, with a very strong will to live, so a large caliber rifle is a must.  In 2014 I started requiring a .30 caliber minimum (unless previously discussed and approved by me prior to your hunt) on my aoudad hunts to help assure that you are able to take your trophy ram home with you.

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