Texas Axis Deer Hunts

Double DIamond Outfitters Texas Axis Deer Hunting

Axis deer are one of the most common exotic species hunted in Texas, and if you’re looking for a giant axis deer hunt you have come to the right place! I hunt axis deer on several different ranches, but my ranch with the best axis deer hunting is 3600 acres in Real County. This ranch has some of the biggest axis deer I’ve ever seen and with 400-500 axis deer on the ranch, you will see numerous giant bucks to choose from while axis deer hunting.

My average axis buck harvested on this ranch will have main beams that measure 32-35″ and score “Gold Medal”.

Every year we also have several axis bucks that break the 36″ mark as well as the occasional non-typical buck. Because of the size of these axis deer, I call these hunts my “Super Trophy Axis Hunts” and once you see all of these giant axis deer I think you’ll agree with me.

Free Range Axis Deer Hunts

I’ve also got 15,000 acres between Sonora and Roosevelt that has some of the biggest free range axis deer I’ve ever seen!  These hunts are 3 days/2 nights and you will see countless bucks in the 30-32″ range and if we get lucky we’ll find one of the several 170″ bucks that we’ve seen roaming the ranch.  Since we are the only ranch that feeds year around in this area we draw in hundreds of axis deer from the neighboring ranches, so the only issue you’ll have is deciding which buck you’ll want to take home with you. Most of my axis deer hunting is done by spot and stalk, but I will also hunt safari style, as well as out of blinds as necessary.

Axis deer are considered an “exotic” in Texas and there’s no closed season on hunting exotics in Texas.

This means you can hunt them year round, but the best time for axis deer hunting is from May through September, which is when the majority of my bigger axis bucks are going to be hard antlered.  Axis deer meat is also some of the best venison you’ll ever eat, and with the best axis deer hunting being from May-September, this is a great way to extend your hunting season and fill your freezer with excellent table fare.

With their bright reddish coat and white spots, axis deer are also one of the most beautiful deer species and make beautiful mounts.  All of these things combine to make axis deer hunting an excellent option for the experienced hunter looking to extend their hunting season, as well as the novice hunter looking for an exciting way to kick off their hunting career.

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