West Texas Crooki Mule Deer Hunts

Best West Texas Mule Deer Hunts

A West Texas Crooki mule deer hunt can be a unique challenge that will test your ability to glass. Mule deer have an amazing ability to blend in and disappear into their environment which makes them a very fun and challenging animal to hunt!  With one of the best Ranches in Texas for free range Mule deer we have an awesome opportunity rate and 96 sections between Marfa and Valentine you can expect to harvest a buck scoring between 150 and 180.

West Texas Desert Crooki mule deer subspecies.

They are called mule deer because of their big ears, like the ears of a mule.  Crooki Mule deer are more grey in color than whitetail and they have a white tail with a black tip.  They earn their nickname, Grey Ghost, because of their grey color, and tendency to just hunker down and hide when spotted/spooked.

Mature West Texas mule deer bucks weigh 200-250lbs, live weight, and typically sport forked 4×4 racks that are about 22-26” wide.  West Texas mule deer can be found from about 4,000’, the desert floor, to over 6,500’, the tops of the mountains.  The West Texas mule deer rut from mid-late December to mid-late January.

Over the Counter Mule Deer Tags

All of the mule deer tags in Texas are over the counter, and the ranch where I hunt West Texas mule deer has special permits issued by the state call Managed Land Deer Permits (MLDP).  This ranch is 96 sections (61,440 acres) between Marfa and Valentine and with the MLDPs we’re able to hunt from the first Saturday in November through the last Sunday in January.  Like I do with all of my ranches, I limit the number of hunters and West Texas mule deer harvested each year.  I typically only harvest 4 West Texas mule deer off of this ranch and historically have 100% shot opportunity. These ranches also offer exceptional aoudad hunting.

IMPORTANT: Because West Texas mule deer tags are over the counter, and because I limit the number of West Texas mule deer hunts I sell, these hunts always sell out.  Plan on booking a year in advance to make sure you get one of my West Texas mule deer hunts.

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