West Texas Antelope Hunts

Pronghorn antelopes are one of the most iconic game animals of the American West and I’ve got 96 sections (61,440 acres) between Marfa and Valentine with some of the best Pronghorn hunting in Texas. This ranch is in the heart of the Marfa Plateau in West Texas, where it’s not uncommon to see 100+ Pronghorns in a day.

Like I do with all of my ranches, I limit the number of hunters and pronghorn harvested each year.  This keeps the trophy quality very high and hunting pressure very low.  My West Texas Pronghorns typically score in the mid-high 70s and my success rate is 100%.  In 2018 one lucky hunter harvested a pronghorn that scored 85-3/8” making it the second-largest West Texas Pronghorn harvested for the year and the seventh-largest Pronghorn harvested in the state for the year!

Best Antelope Hunting in Texas

West Texas Pronghorn are native game animals in Texas and the antelope hunting season is always the first week in October with a weekend on each end. This hunting ranch is a working cattle ranch, so there is frequent traffic on roads around the ranch. The Pronghorns are accustomed to the sights and sounds of vehicles daily.  The Pronghorns are less spooked by vehicles allowing us to look over numerous animals and get within 200-250 yards of most.

My antelope hunts in Texas are done out of my Jeep Scrambler, which has a seat in the bed of the vehicle.

The roads around the ranch are typical ranch roads that are usually kept in decent condition, except during the rainy season when road maintenance becomes difficult to keep up with.  Because we spend the majority of our time hunting Pronghorn out of a vehicle and these Pronghorn more tolerant to seeing vehicles, allowing us to get closer looks at the pronghorn, hunting West Texas Pronghorn is great for the novice hunter, the experienced hunter that may not be as agile as before, or anyone in between.

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