Idaho Elk Hunt Report from the Outfitter

Idaho trophy elk hunt report

Elk hunt report from our Idaho Wilderness Elk Outfitter:

Here is an elk hunt report from our first two hunts we’ve had so far. Our first elk hunter (Greg) was a bit excited when we called in a bull, and missed a mature 6×6. Then on his second opportunity, two days later, he shot and hit a mature bull. However was not a clean hit, but my spotter confirmed that he was hit well and looked like he was not going to make it. We searched for two and a half days and still have not found the bull. –Big Bummer.

The first rifle hunts of the season went well. We had warm weather but had a couple of fronts that allowed for some good bugling action. We ended up seeing 17 bulls in 5 days.”

Our second hunter (Steve) passed up on some opportunities on some smaller bulls, but on the 5th day we got him in on some rutting excitement. I called a group of cows out of the thickness of trees, and he made a perfect shot at 240 yds and dropped this great bull in his tracks. The six by five gross scored 328 6/8. The charter pilot couldn’t get antlers in the plane because he was so wide, so they ended up flying with the door open.

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  1. Rudy says

    Cory, what area was that in? I notice that the date stamp says July?… I was in west-central ID last week and the elk went silent after 2 1/2 days and never could get back on them even at night.


    • Cory Glauner says

      This hunt was in the Frank Church Wilderness Area. His camera date must be off. I didn’t notice that till you pointed it out. I’ll have to give him some grief.

      I was hunting near there at the same time and I experienced the same thing as you did. Quiet. Too quiet…

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