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Mountain Lions Kill Wolves

Mountain Lions Kill Wolves

Mountain lions kill wolves?

Never heard of that one before, but supposedly some hound hunters ran this mountain lion near Garden Valley, Idaho a few weeks ago. The lion hunters heard a big fight going on and by the time they got there, the mountain lion was treed over a dead wolf. Pretty cool.

mountain lion hunting wolves

Predator Interaction Study:

A recent study in northwestern Montana by the Hornocker Wildlife Institute which is affiliated with the University of Idaho was the first ever done on wolf / mountain lion interactions. Radio collars were put on 40 mountain lions for the study. Project leader Toni Ruth says, “wolves and grizzly bears tend to harass and cause the deaths of mountain lions to a greater degree than was previously understood. When wolf packs encountered mountain lions, the cats were generally chased off or killed.” The lions were then forced to make additional kills in order to survive.

Seven of the cats died of starvation. “The starvations are probably related to mountain lions getting bumped off of their kills,” Ruth said. “They’re expending the energy to make a kill but are not able to reap the benefits. There is also the compounding problem of a decline in prey availability.”

Read more here.

In my experience wolves are the aggressor and I have some doubts, but I could be wrong. Let us know what you think.

9 thoughts on “Mountain Lions Kill Wolves

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Lianne Gregory says:

    Wolves are typically the aggressor. Simple facts alone support this. Deer and Elk herds have remained and increased for decades with mountain lions, bobcats, and grizzly as predators -already present. Wolves introduced and everything has changed. Wolves are very territorial and will not tolerate anything around that they can overcome.

  3. hamishbond1959 says:

    I am not with the “Anonymous” LIB who thinks all hunters are “scum”; however, believe hunting for big cats (Cougars) should be heavily limited in states with healthy wolf populations. What is not documented, a strong wolf pack will take down a Cougar every time unless the Cougar can find a large tree. My reason, is that where wolves have been introduced in the wild, they are becoming dominant in a non-indigenous way. There is even a documented incident of a wolf pack taking down an adult brown bear. Do not misunderstand me, I was one of the big proponents to introducing wolves back into the northern, mid-west ranges. However, if Cougar tags are not vastly reduced, these wonderful cats could face horrible challenges in the future. Additionally, I would scale back on efforts to augment hunting Grizzley’s as they inadvertently keep the wolf populations stabilized.

  4. Zeke says:

    It doesn’t matter, neither cougar or wolf could take a wolverine or even the meanest animal on earth, the honey badger.

  5. Robert says:

    So you kill a animal for pleasure and not for any good reason that seems more like a poacher to me. You enjoy killing an animal God created if you did this with humans it would be murder. See if you kill a deer it is for food, but not a mountain lion you kill an animal for no good reason but to boast about your murder of it. See when you hunt a deer it is a sacrifice meaning it dies so you can eat, but a mountain lion or bear or wolf this is disgraceful. You do this so you can have a stupid trophy of a dead animal, you prefer a inanimate nonliving dead animal over a living one. You are murderers of animals killing only for your conceptual egos to boast your pride, now if these creatures were trying to kill you and you shot them it would be okay but you for the sport go on a killing spree for because you love to kill for no reason. You are not hunters you poachers just as those who kill elephants for tusk or tigers to create stupid medicines but they have a better reason than you, you do it for the satisfactions of having killed something. You are poachers killing because you find it pleasurable to kill life for no good reason. Curse are you in the name of Lord for your disregard for the creatures he made for you shed their blood without conscience may you be wounded by this. I understand if you have livestock and want to protect them or you kill the animal to defend yourself, but just so you can have a trophy this is disgraceful. There used to be lions in Europe just like the Africa lion, you know what happened to them they hunted them to extinction, because going on lion hunts in similitude to you. Now hunters should not use the excuse they are acting as animal control either, they kill for the pleasure of it if not for food.

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