Southern Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

mountain lion

These Idaho mountain lion hunts are  six days and conducted in the desert country of southern Idaho. This outfitter leases over 100,000 acres of private winter range, prime cougar hunting grounds. You have two very experienced guides with their own hounds that have been hunting these ranches and the land around it for years. They use side by sides and quads mostly, but will also walk and horseback into roadless canyons…. whatever it takes to get you a cougar!

Lodging on Your Hunt

They offer some hunts with meals and lodging included and some without… either way you will be in a hotel/motel or rental cabin and mostly eat at local restaurants. Cougars like to live and sleep in rocks and hunt the flats for deer and elk, so sometimes we catch them easily in the flats but sometimes it can get rough when we have to venture into the Rocks.

We Can Take Fit Hunters and Disabled Hunters

Whether there is snow or not, we have a 75% success rate which is great for western cat hunting.  If your fit, not so fit or even disabled we have great odds but still ask our hunters must be patient and understand we try our best for everyone! We have killed many cats very close to the truck as well. That said, having the right hunting gear is important.

Treed Mountain Lion

We have well trained dogs that hunt cougar and bear all year long.

They are the true definition of extreme athletes. We have the knowledge and experience in the lion country we hunt and between the two you will have a great time and learn a lot on this unique hunt!

Interested in Booking a Hunt?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you more information, pricing and availability.