Wolf Attacks Woman in Idaho

wolf attacks are on the rise

This wolf attack story was sent to us recently:

Last night I received a phone call from my mother who lives in Headquarters, Idaho. She informed me that on Sunday while bow hunting for elk she was attacked by a wolf. A few of you know that she is not your typical mother or grandmother. She has worked as a professional hunting guide for many years, so she has spent many hours in the woods.

She has seen wolves on many occasions and this is the first time one came at her. She said as soon as the wolf saw her it charged. She was able to drop her bow, draw her 44 mag out of its holster, and put one round in the wolfs head at a range of a few feet. Please let any of your family and friends know of this so they can take whatever precautions needed while out in the woods.

Here is another email we received about wolf attacks:

This wolf came running toward Rene last night to attack her. She had to drop her bow & pull her pistol. She shot it in the head about 10 feet from her. She had to shoot it a couple more times to actually kill it. Crazy! This – not even a week after Shane’s dogs were killed by wolves.

He also told about a group of hunters being guided by a local outfitter in his email. Here’s what they said:

Took a group of out-of-state elk archery hunters from the Great Lakes region last week. They ended up calling in a pack of 17 wolves by elk cow calling. None of the hunters had a sidearm or wolf tag and it was a very traumatic experience. The wolves surrounded us. All of those hunters went home early, very disturbed claiming that these wolves are very different from the Great Lakes wolves. These Idaho wolves actually “hunt” you, and were not afraid!