Top 5 Reasons to Hunt Whitetails in Idaho

An Idaho Icon: The Levi Dawes Buck

With 27 score-able points, including one point over 18 inches, the Levi Dawes Buck officially nets 250 7/8 non-typical Boone and Crockett points, making it the third-largest ever taken in Idaho, and in the top 100 in North America.

These are the top 5 reasons to let us set you up with a hunt for some stud whitetails in Idaho!

1. Idaho has Great Terrain for Deer Hunting

The terrain where whitetails in Idaho live varies greatly from rolling grain fields with brush covered draws to steep timber drainages where some dark horned giants lurk in the shadows. There are hunting opportunities to fit many different styles depending on what you like.

I prefer the timber draws in the early season with archery equipment to be followed with long range rifle hunts over clear cuts during the rifle season. There are many different ways to do it out here and no one style is better than the rest. The differing terrain may require different fitness levels. I recommend being in elk shape to hunt deer out here if you want a big one. The population densities are not as high as in the midwest so some work is involved to pick through and find the buck you are looking for.

2. Get Away from People and You’ll Find Bucks

The people densities are a great part of why it is so awesome to whitetail hunt in Idaho. If you look at the numbers of people that hunt to the square miles of land it is a fraction of that of even the most managed areas in the midwest. You can leave the other people behind and chase big bucks on your own terms without having to worry about other people spooking YOUR deer!

3. Hit the Rut

Many hunters will choose to deer hunt out West because of when our rut falls. You could be able to hunt several different ruts all across the United States if whitetails are what you’re looking for. For instance in the midwest the rut is in early November, followed by the west with the rut being mid to late November and moving on down you could even hunt the southern rut in places like Texas after all that! It’s like it was planned that way for opportunity!

4. Idaho has Extended Seasons

In Idaho the seasons are long and give great opportunity to hunt bucks early, pre-rut, rut, post rut and the migration. These all have their differing benefits that some hunters like and others not so much. The season opens on August 30 and runs to the end of the year with great opportunity for different weapon choices. The beauty of it is that the tag is over the counter and you don’t have to pick a weapon season. You can do them all if you want!

5. Big Whitetail Bucks Live in Idaho!

The best part of it all is BIG BUCKS! I have personally taken several nice bucks in Idaho not to mention some of the bombers taken every year with our guides here in Idaho! Bucks from the 130-170 range are taken every year on both public and private lands with a few being taken that will exceed that and leave people staring in amazement. It is rare that bucks of that caliber can even been seen on public lands let alone be harvested on a pretty regular basis!

The opportunities in Idaho for whitetails are endless and we have the staff that can help get you in the right direction and setup with the best guides to put you on the fast track to some bomber whitetails wherever your schedule can fit a hunt in for the fall!

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