Idaho Wolf Hunting

Finally, there is a wolf hunt in Idaho!

A beautiful wolf shot in Idaho
We cannot tell you how happy we are to finally be able to offer Idaho wolf hunting. Our hunters are having success on Idaho wolves incidentally already, and the Outfitter we are working with is having incredible INTENTIONAL success.

This guy knows how to hunt wolves. We are excited to finally be able to get our clients on some Idaho wolf hunting.”
~Marc Warnke

Central Idaho holds A LOT of wolves and this Outfitter spends his time to know where they are hanging out. He locates them by tracks, talking to local ranchers, howling at night and by the use of trail cameras. With four different packs patterned over several years, there will always be multiple options of where to go each day. You should see a lot of game on these hunts because you will be hunting the wintering grounds for elk and mule deer.  This is a constantly changing hunt from year to year so success rates are hard to predict.  This is a hunt for highly physically fit hunters looking for an adventure.  If success is all that is important then this hunt is not for you.

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*not all of these photos were taken with this Outfitter, but they were all taken in Idaho.

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Wolf hunting in IdahoHunting Season
September through March

Hunting Method
Howling, predator calling and spot-and-stalk.

Opportunity Rates
Wolf hunting is one of the toughest kinds of hunts there is. You may not get an opportunity, and if you do, make the most of it. That said, this outfitter is one of the best around at finding wolves for his clients.

Trophy Quality
We consider any wolf to be a trophy, but there are alot of big old wolves running around Idaho. The chance at a “good” one is high. An added bonus for Idaho wolf hunting is the high number of black wolves.

Hunters will travel to Boise, Idaho where the Outfitter will pick you up. Outfitter provides all travel during the hunt.


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      1. Ed Larsen says

        I am not trolling on hunters, I personally hunt for food rather than pleasure. And I mean no disrespect to your sight or business, but this is pathetic irony. A beautiful specimen of one of the greatest predatory species on this rock killed by an sorry ass physical example of a species that kills to kill. What is the point? Is there a rush involved with killing something that is essentially defenseless, a sense of superiority to gain a trophy? It would be more spectacular to see her make it to the next ridge line with out going into an ischemic cardiac crisis.

      2. says

        Idiots. If you're not eating them, you shouldn't be killing them. It would be different if you were going out and wrestling these things the ground with your hands, then it would be a trophy, and you'd be a badass. I don't understand why anyone would feel that they've accomplished a great feat by killing a wild animal with a gun, bow, cameras, atv, etc. Did Mommy not love you enough?

      3. Kerri-Ann Connelly says

        Is there an honest reason why you hunt these wolves or is it just for disgusting sport? I'm genuinely interested.