Idaho Elk Hunting on Private Ranch *Mule Deer Included

Idaho elk hunting on over 60,000 acres of private land!

Idaho elk huntingPrivate Land Idaho Elk Hunting. Add to that careful quotas and you have a place that produces outstanding bulls.

Located in the Hell’s Canyon area, this outfitter has one of the largest land holdings in the state of Idaho. Because they have been managing their wolf populations from the get go, we haven’t seen a drop off in bull quality at all.
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The elk are in large herds this time of the year, so often, there are multiple trophy bulls within sight at once. They are still bugling at this time of year so we use that to our advantage for locating the herd bull. It’s very common to see 100+ elk a day during this hunt.”

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Located in the Hell’s Canyon area, this outfitter has one of the largest land holdings in the state of Idaho. This is big, wide open country with canyons and ridges that run for miles down to the Salmon River. Each hunter will have at least 1000 acres of undisturbed hunting to themselves. Area in total is over 60,000 acres.

Idaho elk combo huntHunting Season
October 10 through November 3

Hunting Method
Spot-and-stalk, and calling.

Success Rates
96% successful on bulls, and easily a 100% opportunities at 6×6 bulls, it’s just a matter of finding the right bull and getting within range.

Trophy Quality
Each year they will average bulls around the 280-290 mark with many scoring in excess of 300. Every year they will harvest bulls ranging in the 320-350 class, with their biggest bull taken on during this hunt scoring 387 B&C.

Combo Up!
This area also holds some nice mule deer; 24-29 wide bucks with deep forks are fairly common on this Idaho ranch and are included in the price of the hunt. A bear is also included in this hunt at no charge! Additionally, a whitetail can also be taken on a trophy fee basis.

Whitetail hunting during the rut in Northern IdahoAccommodations
This hunt includes all meals and has all full modern accommodations, including cabins with comfortable beds, a nice lodge with full bathroom and showers.

Access into these ranches is strictly controlled, however, the ranches are accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles, providing easier access to productive hunting areas. Elk hunting hunting will be on foot or with the aid of an ATV.

I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had on the hunt in Idaho. The outfitter put me on at least 26 different bucks before I took this one. The guides I had were excellent, they all knew the country very well and knew the class of deer they had. This was not an easy hunt by any means but very fun and rewarding.

Thanks again for setting this hunt for me. Look forward to booking more hunts through your service.
Ben Taylor

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