Another Wolf Bagged in Salmon Idaho

An Idaho wolf hunter shot this wolf just outside her home near Salmon Idaho.

Idaho wolf hunting
This wolf had been terrorizing campers near Salmon Idaho for months.
While waiting for the pack to make their rounds and come near their home in Salmon Idaho, they looked in the woods below them and there was this wolf. The shot was easy, and what a beauty! Congratulations.

The Idaho wolf weighed 127 lbs. He was a collared wolf and by the time they checked it in (1.5 hours later), Fish & Game office in Salmon Idaho already knew about the wolf and said they had been hunting for him as this wolf pack had been terrorizing campers lately. They had a couple of guys “treed” in the cab of their pickup all night at a campground a few days earlier. He is now skinned and hanging at their place.

Salmon Idaho has been a hotbed of wolf/rancher, hunter/anti-hunter, and government confrontations. Hopefully now that wolf hunting is allowed in Idaho, we will be able to get their numbers under control, and all of the contentiousness will finally blow over.

The Idaho Fish and Game website is a good resource for learning more about the wolves in Idaho. You can read about the wolf management practices, look at a status timeline and report wolf sightings there. It is also a good place to learn about trapping wolves and and it has some links for some wolf trapping classes. Like it or not, wolves are here to stay. It’s time to learn how to keep them in check. Good luck, and good hunting.



  1. Hannah says

    This is DISGUSTING. What a lovely creature, slain by the offhand and weak wrist of a trophy hunter. The woman seems to proud of her misdemeanor and that’s what truly sickens me. You were on HIS territory. Not vice versa. Try felling a wolf with your bare hands, you [edited]. Ugh!

    • Cory Glauner says

      Thanks for your opinion Hannah. Let’s try to keep it civil though and not call names. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t neccessarily make you right and them wrong.

      I appreciate your opinion even though I disagree and feel that you are acting on emotion and not the facts.

      And BTW, you’re right; it is a lovely creature.

    • Jean says

      Well Hannah,
      If you read the article, it was by her home. Why is the wolves life more valuable than all of the Elk, deer, and people’s livestock? We have a lot of coyotes in our forest preserve, and they don’t even bother going after the deer, they just kill people’s pets. I’m sure you believe that the wolf should be spared even if it was killing someone’s child. You people are nuts.

      • Sarah says

        Well actually we are taking over their land so where are they suppose to go? When we shoot elk, deer we shoot it for the meat. The wolf it down in population so it can’t be shot. As for as it eating live stock we are taking away from it’s food and it’s only trying to survive. The wolf has no idea that it’s someone else’s livestock it just simply wants to eat. It’s just instinct to hunt and that happens to be the only food it can find at the time.

        Just because the wolf pack was around this lady’s house doesn’t mean they are “terrorizing” her. They are simply trying to find food and it just so happens to be going by her property. Big flipping deal. The only reason a wolf would attack a human would be to defend it’s land.

      • Crystal says

        Livestock: don’t you farmers know enough to build a BARN and put the animals AWAY each night??Stupid shits, if you can’t protect your livestock, you are just putting them out there for any predator. Don’t think I know not what I say. I have geese…..I feed the coyote, wolf, deer and what ever else comes through at night…I have an ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD DOG to protect the flock. Those that shoot wolves and coyote have shot nothing more than a dog…one of the Creators children, and you will pay…one way or another, for killing without eating. The only thing that is over populating the earth are city folk that have no idea about the ways of the wild. You either learn to live in the wild WITH the wild, or you become a killer that does not understand.

    • Mike says

      His territory? That is a Canadian wolf in the United States. Maybe you should go play with the wolves and become part of the circle of life.

      Congrats to the wolf hunters!!!

      • Sarah says

        That doesn’t mean anything. There are alot of animals not from the United states but we shoot them anyway. It could have had no choice but to come here. Beside the wolves don’t know whether they are in America or Canada they simply want to find territory to claim and it just happened to be there. They didn’t have the shoot the wolf themselves. They should have called the DNR and they could have relocated it. That simple.

    • Miranda & Carlyn says

      This is the wolves territory it was always his land. Humans invaded it and drove them to the brink of extinction because they feared it. I truly believe that what that hunter did was wrong and cruel. People have always feared the wolves in a bad light. Yes there have been times when a wolf has done something wrong even terrible. But look at what us humans do.
      At lest the wolves have a reason SURVIVAL! They do it because people are pushing them off their territory and killing them game for petty reasons especially you trophy hunterss. Now that is just SICK and wrong. How is an animals life a trophy? Those animals had familys and reasons to live they felt the pain when you murderd them. Especially wolves, they mate for life and the other wolf greives deeply for their lost love. How would you feel if your loved one died? Its a terrible thing. Well why should it be any different for a wolf. And Mike it would be better for humans to be apart of the circle of life instead of screwing it up. And maybe the ignorant people should look into the wolves, they are truly beautiful animals and have every right to live as any human. -Miranda.
      Yeah and sure wolves do kill but so do humans. Yes we punish them (Humans) but why kill the wolves? We might as well kill every human too. How would you like it if you were at a family reuion and you made some guy mad on “His Territoy” and he shot you infront of everyone? Huh? Oh yeah it would be diffrent because your a human RIGHT?! WRONG. Were almost all the same .. We have alot of simlar things, you people just don’t see that. You guys live up there. Enjoy it while it lasts. That wolf could have re populated there whole pack, and now they could all die. Like honestly? Can you live with your self knowing you just killed a WHOLE PACK of wolves on “Your territory” . SLEEP ON THAT. If I was a Human, on your territory .. Annoying your campers, would you shoot me? You would tell me to leave right? Oh but wait you can’t tell wolves right? You could move them away, you could figure something out, What if I killed the pesident? It’s like that for that one wolf right there, there pack. You people don’t understand. Yes we may be young, only 15 But age is just a bunch of numbers. Miranda could know more about wolves than everyone here. that’s all I can say without cussing and hurting you. SO SUCK IT. – Carlyn.
      Now yes I know live stock is more important to some people. Because thats their life and income. But if you think about it, we and you pushed the wolves to this. They are only doing what they need to do to live. Now you and many people do not think as i do because i truly love the wolves. my life is dedicated to them and always shall be. But when I saw that picture my heart broke. Such a proud beautiful animal, reducded to a womens trophy. Tears came to my eyes, and to add ingury to insult you were smiling. Why would you be happy about taking its life?
      But another how was the wolf terrarizing the campers? Was it killing them or just walking around maybe getting to close to comfort? I really wish with all my heart people would just stop killing these wonderus animals. I…I just care for them so deeply and its just cruel to see them on display for some….some low life trophy hunter parading them around acting as if they are freaken awsome! Please next time you think about killing a wolf please I beg you stop and think what your about to do will harm amny innocent animals. I know you have your reasons but so does the wolf and heres the most important, to live. – Miranda

      • Leroy Two Hawks says

        “Miranda & Carlyn”, Who’s land do you think you are living on? It’s the Native Americans you have encroached on there land are you going to give it back?

    • BA says

      Have you had to live with this monster wolves near by? They also kill for survival but they are known to kill for fun too. Have you had your dog ripped apart by wolves and their uneaten carcass still on the chain? Have you had your cattle who are your lively hood slaughtered?

      These are Canadian wolves and are NOT native to Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. I have been fishing in Salmon since I was a little girl. We had wolves chase our truck 3 years ago when we were going back home… And we camped out there.. we lived there. Wolves aren’t afraid of you.

      Idaho wolves are much smaller than these wolves…
      Please, please come move out here to beautiful Salmon where there are black bears, snakes and wolves. It really is gorgeous in Salmon… Fresh air, beautiful scenery and lots of adventures. Then make your judgment.

      If someone dropped off anacondas like they did in FL in your neighborhood, would you like your kids playing outside? How would you like people in other states telling you, anacondas were once where you live. They are beautiful and noble creatures, don’t kill them… They belong there. By the way, if they kill your cat/dog, that okay. They are just eating, you can get another cat and/or dog. They do it for survival.

      No, this is not a native species to Idaho. If you are opposed to killing, that’s okay. Needless killing is no good. But when you have these 180 pound wolves around your yard… You may change your mind.

      Also “Tears came to your eyes?” Why?
      They are gorgeous creatures. But they are also dangerous. Wolves have been out of Idaho for decades… Now people in other states want wolves where we live?? And tell us whats good and bad but live hundreds of miles away??? If you really love these wolves, you will support them in their natural habitat in CANADA.

      Moderation is the key here.

      And yes, they are trophies. Nice job. Means I’m safer when I go to fish where I LIVE.

    • Melanie says

      Why is it that people like you don’t see what these “lovely” creatures are doing to the lively hood of the people that have to live in the areas these wolves live? Not only that, you complain about these animals getting killed well what about the hundreds of other animals dying because of the wolves?! That doesn’t seem to matter to you activists! Why I ask? Until you have seen them brutally kill you shouldn’t be opening your trap. These are not the native wolves that are from this area, these wolves are much larger and a transplant from Canada and are not supposed to be in these areas they were planted, they are causing havoc for everyone around human and animal form. You people need to come see these “lovely” animals and be present while they are stalking you in the forest, now that i would LOVE to see and then see if you wish them not dead! I wish they would have never re-introduced them, it was a HUGE mistake. That is the reason they took them out in the first place. Pull your head out!

    • Perry says

      More and more misinformed people about wolves and the harvest of this animal do more damage to this beautiful animal then legal hunters do. The emotional reaction with a negative tone and denial/avoidance of the word kill, harvest and maintain populations is what truly has to be done now.
      You really don’t know all the facts and this action hurts other Animals, people and the wolves for that matter. Fact; if these wolves are not controlled { killed, harvested} they will eat/kill and have actually dramatically-documented a lower Elk population – pretty bad/sad and a huge concern, are you truley concernd, I read not. { and other animals too!} and if you are truly concerned- you would dig deeper, learn more and have more concern with the other animals then just a picture of a wolves that was legally taken and regulated by the D.N.R.- was it not?
      Wolves really kill more then what was/is planned. I’m afraid you can’t see the forest for the trees…. Study, learn and respect- that’s pretty much what hunters do… They actually do more for the wolf then people that condemn them do, like your statement here.
      In the past 2 decades or so, the campaign for wolves have been overly successfully and now the harvest of this animal will have to be, your own demise, so as to maintain of all wildlife- the circle of life if you will- and now we have to kill /control them.
      Please be careful for what you wish for-there is much bigger picture then just this harvested wolf which is beautiful, yes the kill is beautiful too.

    • wolf slayer 69 says

      READ THIS SERIOUSLY why don’t you and your tree hugger/peta friends go to salmon and camp in their territory. Since you are a tree hugger you probably don’t own a gun. So you are going to get scared. MAKE SURE you bring your pets so that you know how it feels. And its not the wolves territory because the houses have been their longer than the wolves. Plus Salmon has had reports of wolves in town so thats OUR TERRITORY NOT THE WOLVES!!!!!

  2. Sherry Ann Taylor says

    It is a gorgeous animal. It is a gorgeous terrorizer. So glad that the campers are safe now … at least safer.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Cory Glauner says

      You sound like a great guy, or girl ggfdf… can’t tell because of your anonimity. You would think that if you were that passionate about something you wouldn’t hide. I guess you just think differently than I do.

    • Cory Glauner says

      Adult males average between 100 and 145 pounds. What I love about this one is the color. I’ve never seen one with that bluish tint.

  3. Robert says

    This was one of the most beautiful wolves that I seen taken last season. I hope to find one just as nice to go with my Female Grey I took in September. The Elk, Deer and Moose thank you…..I hope we can continue to try and use hunters to manage this situation that was allowed to grow out of control….the Enviros and their feel good wildlife programs based on passion and lacking science or common sense have done more to destroy the wildlife in our great state than anything else in the last 100 years….the destruction of the great elk herds of North Central Idaho during the last decade has been a wildlife disaster, undoing the work of 100 previous years of successful game management…we must manage wildlife, and letting a top tier predator run wild and out of control is about as far from sound game management as you can get…..

  4. @shotgunner says

    Aside from Humans; Wolves (Canis lupus) are near apex predators wherever they live. They decimate herbivore populations.

    It is my firm belief that the reason for the over the top ‘anti’ comments is due to the resemblance they have with domestic canines (Canis familiaris). The ‘anti’s’ see them as fluffy little pupper dogs. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the animal they are so passionate about.

    Passion without knowledge is the most dangerous there is. Unfortunately, ignorance feels just like knowledge. People simply cannot know, that they have no clue, what they don’t know. Think seriously about this last one.

    I wonder if a Canis lupus killed their little sister (or other young relative) how they’d feel about this successful hunter. Who, by the way, was 100% within the limits of the law when she pulled the trigger and killed that alpha male.

  5. beth says

    Glad that another dangerous animal won’t be threatening humans or weaker species. Especially proud a woman shot it.

  6. mattindustries says

    I love coyotes. I was in California once with my girlfriend taking a break from a walk and one trots by casually, gives us a “sup” look, and keeps trotting along.

  7. cowboy says

    Having worked for a number of years on cattle ranches in wolf country, the only time I ever saw a wolf was from the tail end, as it was scooting to get away from me. A lone wolf would never “terrorize” campers. Coyotes get an even worse rep.

    • mrflagg says

      black bears typically run away too but lately in my area of southern ontario we’ve had a lot of bear attack human stories.

      sometimes animals don’t act the same as they usually do.

      • Dracius says

        True, but issues like this have a lot to do with location.

        When you enter a predator’s territory like these campers have, you can’t blame them for you getting terrified because you had a close encounter. You take on that risk when you go into the wilderness, so don’t expect a safety net.

        If however these animals are getting bold and entering into suburban areas, which we’re still partially to blame for because we’re destroying their habitats, then they should be tranquilized and relocated.

        Before anyone flips out thinking I don’t understand the big picture, please read the following:

        I’m not against hunting, it’s part of nature and all part of the circle of life. If any predator became too numerous then their prey would start to become too scarce. Most species however are regulated by natural causes, but as humans we have a responsibility to help restore the balance we’ve offset.

        It’s a delicate balance however and wolves were only just recently removed from the endangered species list in Idaho on May 4, 2009. (source), so it’s important for us to remember how they got there in the first place. Stories like this about “wolf packs terrorizing campers” and images that try to portray them as a danger to society have a huge impact on public opinion.

        It’s already a heated debate and I’m not against the hunting, I’m against the bullshit stories and exaggerations that run the risk of putting wolves right back on the endangered species list.

        Being from Washington, I understand how such strong public opinions get formed and my own Grandfather(I know little about him as my Dad only has bad memories of him) even hunted wolves. Coyotes however were the common nuisance animal where I lived and they were a constant threat to our chickens and rabbits, I’ve even lost a cat to them. Do I think they should be obliterated because of that? Fuck no. We chose to live in a rural area and that comes with the territory.

        Wolves aren’t the only animal that people have misconceptions about, they’re just the only one that I’ve studied and interacted with for as long as I can recall. Yet until recently I never quite realized just how timid and scared of people the average wolf really is. This doesn’t mean there won’t be ones that break from the norm, but then that applies to all things in life.

  8. PIcca Bird says

    It looks like it has some sort of tracking collar on so I’m thinking they must have sedated it to do…science (whatever ecologist people do when they track wild animals… take blood and weigh them I guess).

  9. Frank says

    I love this woman. I’ve never met her but I love her. I used to really enjoy the outdoors of central Idaho. Now I do not dare go camping, fishing, any other recreational activity, without a high powered rifle. The re-introduction of wolves was a terrible idea. The wolf introduced is not even a native species.

    But the argument that we have roamed into their territory is absolutely ludicrous. It has been a high use recreational area for nearly a century. And suddenly we are told that we must allow wolves and it becomes “their” territory? I call BS on that. This doesn’t just effect hunters but also those who just wish to view the greatness that is Idaho.

    I will agree that this wolf is rather beautiful. I bet it looks great as a wall decoration.

  10. Sumaya says

    Wolves are generally frightened of humans and so its highly unlikely that they would be harassing anyone like these people claim. It’s a shame that one would put down an animal as great as this for no real reason. It’s not a threat to humans and I hear no mention of it causing harm to any livestock of the like.

    This is disgusting.

    • Outdoors International says

      Variety is the spice of life. As long as you don’t interfere with my rights or livelihood, I am fine with your opinion. But that’s what it is. An opinion based on emotions.

  11. Richard says

    Once some of you live In Salmon Idaho and know that wolves up here kill and just play kill your livestock and your loosing money to themharrasing livestock, then maybe you’ll have a different opinion. Wolves can go live in the National Park where they belong, so they were here first. Trying to make a living is hard when they kill everything you got.

  12. jehnet carlson says

    Try going to yellowstone these days, you used to see lots of elk and buffalo, they may say the numbers are up but now you only see a handfull of animals when visiting yellowstone. One neighbor has reported that when the antelope are having there fawns the wolves just lay in wait for the youngster to pop out. I live in an area where the wolves are not thick but they do pass through. The mule deer herd is way down and very few fawns this year

  13. Jeff says

    How about this analogy: If black bear populations decline in Connecticut, let’s get some Grizzlies from Alaska and import them into Connecticut and see how well the locals appreciate the “species that was there first”. Because, really, there could have been Grizzlies in Connecticut once upon a time. And a bear is a bear. To all you animal rights activists– Idaho does not have unlimited acreage and resources to serve as an experimental wolf test lab. When I was growing up in Salmon, the indigenous wolves would periodically be seen. There are now reports that the huge Canadian Grays are killing off the smaller indigenous wolves. If you do not live in Idaho, please butt out and take wolves into your own state.

  14. Donna says

    Has anyone out there heard of flaggery? There are at least 5 different low cost or free programs available to keep wolves outside human boundaries, as well as guard dogs that are very successful in protecting livestock. The livestock ranchers have encroched upon and destoryed public lands for 150 years. A sound political program of pushing them off OUR territory is long over due, as is a moritorium on eating beef and lamb, which are certainly NOT healthy foods for humans. If one of you Idahoans came upon my land, I would attempt to figure out what you were doing there and try to understand you BEFORE I killed you – but what do I know, I’m just a “Nastzi” or something. Just the same, I believe that this woman killed an innocent and necessary animal out of misguided fear, or perhaps for some braggin rights, as well. Whatever her motivation, this woman’s actions are immoral, disgusting, and worst of all ignorant. I think the “good folks” of Idaho are really among the most dangerous, akin to those who are clubing baby seals to proivde rich Janapeese with gloves, and destroying the North American forests for decks for the same crew. Having only minimal knowledge about wolves, I am far more concerned about people like this woman than any pack of so-called “big bad wolves!”

  15. says

    I'm going to huff and puff and blow your house………………………….BANG! Oh no you are not Mr. Wolfie. You are going to be a wolfie rug! LOL

  16. Paula Coyle says

    Little red riding hood does not exist. Wolves have harmed people and livestock People and wolves and livestock do exist. Wolves have eaten livestock, and are killing machines. They need to be hunted hard so that they fear people, not look to us as a food source.

  17. Evelyn Bradley says

    This makes me physically want to throw up. I am a Montana Native and wolves –have never– been a threat. It's funny, the comments, humans kill everything including the planet, yet folks here want to exert their life's aggressions and disappointments on an animal. Makes them feel significant, in control and powerful. Sad really. It's nothing more than a God-complex.

  18. says

    People go jaywalking in wolf territory, they get chased up a tree, and then the wolves have to die. Too bad human kind will always have its congenital maniacs.

  19. Jeanie Champagne says

    So, I read that wolves are being re-populated in parts of Idaho, but in a different Idaho location, they are hunted — looks like these guys could get together…. Huh? Come on down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana – we are overrun with Coyotes in the middle of town – saturated, actually.

  20. says

    Wow I bet wolf meat is delicious, I am sure that's why you are so happy to have killed something. Or do you just get a high from killing animals? Really seems like you are good person with your priorities straight.

  21. says

    by the way Jade, I am a local. They are not a threat, unless you are running around with bacon around your neck. I have heard of lots of wolf killings, but oddly few people being killed by wolfs.

    I have heard of lots of people being killed by people in the area. So, whose the threat????

  22. says

    A threat? LOLOL you might want to do some research on that. They aren't threats to anyone but animals that are prey. That does not include people. Ranchers lose on average less than 1% of what they lose to disease and sickness every year than they do to wolves. Its sad that something that has to fight so hard to survive in the wild is killed and mistreated for sport and ignorance of a species. Try to live in your environment, not destroy it.

  23. says

    Paula Coyle …. People are the invaders who breed like rabbits and think nothing of it! Expanding deeper and deeper into thew wild!~ Your fellow herders and livestock owners need to get a new skill! How much land do you need for free range! How many new homes, ]trucks and guns do you need! You expand and never think of the consequence! No man has the right to dominate the land and animals. But we do and think nothing of it ! And why do the men that comment here sound like such nuckle heads! Humble is not a hunters trait !

  24. says

    All you land owners who penetrate deep into the wild and then complain that the wolves are terrorizing you is wrong. You hunt and are trigger happy!~ You kill the wolves prey,deer, elk, etc! And wonder why they are bugging you at your door. You are the invaders and act like God gave you the gun and the right to live where ever you want!~ You are are low and not humbled by the shear great force of the wild! You have all the luxuries of a city dweller and then act like Daniel Boone! You are growing in numbers and littering the wild spaces with fences and single and double wides! You are the invaders! Be humble and put that killer away!

  25. says

    Paula Coyle Obviously the wolves will log onto their WorldWideWolfNet and send out messages to other wolves to avoid anything with two legs.

  26. says

    Im a BIG fan of hunting for meat or even materials if you sell them to make a living… But ive never understood the desire to go out and have a guide take you to an animal, set a gun up and let you pull the trigger just so you can hold up a big dead animal and get your rocks off… Ive probably eaten more deer jerky by the time i was 16 than most people eat worth of beef jerky their whole lives and ive got nothing against hunting for the most part… Ive just never understood why people take such pride in outfitting themselves with thousands of dollars worth of gear and killing an animal from 50 yards away. Wheres the skill or the fun in that?

  27. Sarah Quakenbush Dunn says

    It's sad that those ideological loons were permitted to introduce these dangerous wolves in the first place, only to be killed because really, are people expected to live with these guys hunting in their back yards? Yikes. I am rethinking moving to Idaho to have a small farm. Bears were one thing, but wolves are another. Thanks, crazy wolf activists. Y'all make hatters seem chill…

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