Another Wolf Bagged in Salmon Idaho

An Idaho wolf hunter shot this wolf just outside her home near Salmon Idaho.

Idaho wolf hunting

This wolf had been terrorizing campers near Salmon Idaho for months.

While waiting for the pack to make their rounds and come near their home in Salmon Idaho, they looked in the woods below them and there was this wolf. The shot was easy, and what a beauty! Congratulations.

The Idaho wolf weighed 127 lbs. He was a collared wolf and by the time they checked it in (1.5 hours later), Fish & Game office in Salmon Idaho already knew about the wolf and said they had been hunting for him as this wolf pack had been terrorizing campers lately. They had a couple of guys “treed” in the cab of their pickup all night at a campground a few days earlier. He is now skinned and hanging at their place.

Salmon Idaho has been a hotbed of wolf/rancher, hunter/anti-hunter, and government confrontations. Hopefully now that wolf hunting is allowed in Idaho, we will be able to get their numbers under control, and all of the contentiousness will finally blow over.

The Idaho Fish and Game website is a good resource for learning more about the wolves in Idaho. You can read about the wolf management practices, look at a status timeline and report wolf sightings there. It is also a good place to learn about trapping wolves and and it has some links for some wolf trapping classes. Like it or not, wolves are here to stay. It’s time to learn how to keep them in check. Good luck, and good hunting.