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An “Epic” Sheep Hunt by Butch Whiting

Butch Whiting of Kryptek hunting dall sheep

It was subtle, but Larry’s definition of “arduous” was concerning. When he says an adventure is difficult, he really means that most mortals would quit or potentially harm themselves during the pursuit. I was in…

Russ Meyer’s Archery BC Black Bear

Russ Meyer with his BC Black Bear

In 1988 I took my first big game animal with a bow. I was sitting over a bait in central Idaho when, to my surprise, a bear slipped over the ridge and was soon standing at fifteen yards, offering me a perfect shot. Can you say “Hook, line, and sinker”, not only for a lifetime […]

Why I Train To Hunt


My life has been profoundly altered in many ways since adulthood, and my wife and kids are at the top of the list. They are people who have made me a better man. My wife is a health nut, which pretty much makes me a healthy eater by default. As far as fitness is concerned, […]

Follow in the Footsteps of Jack O’Connor! Stone Sheep Hunting.

Jack Oconnor stone sheep

Jack O’Connor was first and foremost an outdoorsman, but he was also an English professor, which led to the marriage of the two and his prolific writings on everything from firearms, wildlife history and hunting. But his passion was wild sheep. He hunted sheep not for a trophy, but for the experience. He loved the […]

HUNTING VIDEO: We Were Accepted Into The Full Draw Film Tour

Full Draw Film Tour

Outdoors International is pleased to announce that our Short Film is an official selection of the 2014 Full Draw Film Tour.

One of the Best Elk/Mule Deer Outfitters in Utah and Wyoming

Utah Mule Deer

Running a large area, large guide staff, and multiple lodges is an incredibly difficult thing to do while holding to high standards. We have found that it is an anomaly in the hunting industry to find a large outfitter that doesn’t have a lot of holes in their ship. The outfitter we work with in […]

Want a Truly Big Mule Deer?

Marc Warnke with his huge Alberta mule deer

I have had the blessing of taking four big mule deer over 200″ in my hunting carrier and believe me, lots of luck was involved. Some of my best hunts, where I had everything aligned; scouting, accuracy, and experience I fell flat and shot smaller bucks. The key, was being on the right ground, year […]

SPECIAL PRICE: Red Stags The Monsters of Middle Earth

Hunting Red Stags in New Zealand

If you are anything like me and the rest of the crew here at OI, you dream of hunting huge roaring Red Stags and beautiful bull Tahr in the land of Middle Earth. There is just something about New Zealand that beckons to those of us who seek adventure who have a deep love for […]

North American Sheep Slam… It’s Possible. Here’s How.


Are you a dyed in the wool sheep hunter? Does sheep fever course through your veins? I know it does mine. I have been lucky enough to harvest great Dall and Stone Sheep, and have had the opportunity to help guide on a number of Desert, California and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Hunts. Yet, no matter […]

VIDEO: Vapor Trailin’ Aoudads


Texas Aoudad hunting is REAL sheep hunting at a price that is within reach of almost every hunter. This is a very special free range aoudad hunt on a 22,000 acre ranch in West Texas. Located near Marfa, Texas in the famed Davis Mountains, there are VERY high numbers of good rams on this place, […]

Campbell Cameras Video School


Campbell Cameras is pleased to offer an amazing array of video schools and free seminars by talented pros. This is your chance to get hands-on training with all the latest video equipment. From beginners to producers to editors there is a class for everyone! Why choose a Campbell Cameras school? Try Before You Buy It […]

VIDEO: Bowhunting Grizzly Bear and Caribou in the Arctic

caribou huntingg video

Russ Meyer and his client Kyle Hawkins archery hunt for Arctic grizzly bear and caribou in Alaska. Kyle takes a great Arctic grizzly and two caribou, while Russ gets a nice caribou with his bow. This Outfitter guides caribou hunts in over 2,000 square miles bordering Gates of the Arctic National Park. The Brooks Range […]

A Successful Ibex Hunt in Kyrgyzstan


Another one of Russ’s clients had a successful Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan! Learn more about this hunt » Learn more about this hunt » Browse Our Ibex Hunting Trips Around the World:

You Really Should Consider a North American Red Stag Hunt

Cory Glauner with his 380" North American Red Stag

If you are anything like me, when you think about red stag hunting, you instantly think of New Zealand. Most people do… and for good reason. New Zealand is where it’s at for monster stags and it is a beautiful country with lots of other awesome critters to hunt, including tahr and chamois. Both of […]

Marc Hunts Huge Manitoban Elk in Quebec, Canada

Marc's 416" Archery Manitoban Elk

I recently hunted for Manitoban Elk in Quebec and had a blast. High Fence hunting is not necessarily my thing, but again, it was a blast. I have many clients due to age, physical limitations, lack of time, excessive trophy quality expectations, or lack of hunting experience who this style of hunting fits very well […]