Hunt Report: Jon Roth Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt

Alaska dall sheep hunt

This was my 2015 Dall Sheep hunt booked in Alaska. The outfitter runs a first class operation West of Anchorage near a town called Sleetmute. Marc Warnke, a good friend of mine here in Boise with Outdoors International suggested this Alaska dall sheep hunt to me a couple of years ago. With August 10th being the opener, we flew into our area on the 8th and legged it up the mountain around 10 … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode #22 – Shad Wheeler from Wild West Hunts

Shad-Wheeler WIld West Hunts

Get help drawing that hard-to-get tag, as well as access to discount and canceled hunts! In this podcast Marc interviews Shad Wheeler, owner and founder of Wild West Hunts. A full service tag draw assistance company and discounted hunt club membership with access to’s full hunt inventory and consulting services. Shad is an expert in sheep hunting and already has half the slam under h … [Read more...]

Mike Ellig Loves Variety When It Comes to Bowhunting

Mike Ellig of Black Gold Sights

Mike Ellig, owner of Black Gold Sights gets to do a lot of hunting, and Marc wondered what his favorite critter was. Well, here's an except from his podcast telling us exactly what he loves to hunt most.... and we're not surprised by his answer. "[...] I think it’s important that we acknowledge as bow hunters we all have certain things that make us unique as a hunter, and then there are … [Read more...]

GEAR REVIEW: KODA Adventure Gear

KODA Adventure Gear

KODA Adventure Gear is an outdoor gear company that has designed gear for everybody from a seven year old to a seventy year old, so you have the ability to grow up with it. Get your kids started out RIGHT! To do that you need good, high-tech gear. If we want our children to be warm in the woods and want to go back we've got to keep them comfortable. SHOP NOW … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode #21 – Hunting in Europe with Mat Cervantes

Hunting in Europe

Join Marc Warnke and his guest Mat Cervantes (European Hunting Specialist) as they speak about the in’s and out’s of hunting in Europe. Marc an Mat go in depth about hunting (stalking) red deer on their native Europe for wild stags. They also speak about hunting in Europe for the other species available like fallow deer, Chinese water deer, roe deer, all the Spanish ibex and sika deer. You … [Read more...]