GEAR REVIEW: KODA Adventure Gear

KODA Adventure Gear

KODA Adventure Gear is an outdoor gear company that has designed gear for everybody from a seven year old to a seventy year old, so you have the ability to grow up with it. Get your kids started out RIGHT! To do that you need good, high-tech gear. If we want our children to be warm in the woods and want to go back we've got to keep them comfortable. SHOP NOW … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode #21 – Hunting in Europe with Mat Cervantes

Hunting in Europe

Join Marc Warnke and his guest Mat Cervantes (European Hunting Specialist) as they speak about the in’s and out’s of hunting in Europe. Marc an Mat go in depth about hunting (stalking) red deer on their native Europe for wild stags. They also speak about hunting in Europe for the other species available like fallow deer, Chinese water deer, roe deer, all the Spanish ibex and sika deer. You … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Dad 0, Son 2 on BC Bears

Black Bear

I wanted to thank you so very much for the awesome bear hunt that Ham and I had last week. It really could not have been better. Jeff, it started a year ago when you were kind enough to allow Ham and I to roll our hunt forward a year because of an internship that he had. You also recommended the 2nd week of June as the best week because of the rut. So, we pushed our trip back one year … [Read more...]

How Kryptek Got it’s Start in the Battlefield


Ever wonder what led Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn (founders of Kryptek) down the path of starting the company? Here is an excerpt from the podcast where Butch tells that story. "[...] Kryptek's start is different than what people think that’s for sure, correct?" -Marc Warnke "Yea, it’s been neat to share, you know, when you have those victories and also you know t … [Read more...]

OUTFITTER REPORT: Idaho Elk 2014 Season

Jason Montagna elk

Bow Season: About August the elk bug really starts kicking in. Setting up camps, clearing trail, and long excursions into the backcountry are all part of scouting and preparation for elk season. The season kicks of the 30th of August. Our first archery elk hunter, Clark Small, is an accomplished archer and personal friend of's Russ Meyer. Clark was teamed up with our guide … [Read more...]