How to Call Moose with Wildlife Artist Ric Fedyna

ric fedyna moose painting

Driven by adventure and inspired by nature, Ric Fedyna creates art that is informed by his experiences in the wild. He is a hunter that paints, or rather; a painter that hunts.

Bowhunting has been an artful practice and meditation that connects him to ancestry and forefathers whose survival depended upon what they could hunt and gather. He spends his time in the wild patiently observing the patterns of nature, the movement of animals, the sunrises and sunsets sweeping across the Alberta landscapes. All this magic comes to life on canvas in his studio, as he tells the stories of his adventures, the land and its majestic creatures.

Ric Fedyna’s artwork is impressionistic, but based in realism. He creates the essence of the animal with a “loose” environment.