Four Things Anti-Gun Groups Get Wrong

Gun Control

“Dumb.” “Savage.” “Evil.” Those are just a couple of the kind words that my co-workers, neighbors, and friends say when guns are the topic of conversation. It’s baffling how people, who pride themselves on their open-mindedness and benevolence, can be so rude and ignorant.

I have often wondered what the anti gun people think we do all day.

Sit in a dark room filled with maps planning world domination with hairless cats in our laps? I’m sorry, but that’s just not true! Well, everything except the hairless cat part, my sphynx does get chilly during this time of the year. But, even Picard can’t believe his ears when he hears some of the anti ”gun violence” campaigns. For the sake of sanity and to avoid going on rant, let’s go down just four of the countless things that the anti-groups get wrong on a daily basis.

1. Guns Aren’t Safe

Okay, this sentence technically is true. Guns are not safe, but guns are also not, not safe. Guns aren’t violent, because guns don’t have the ability to be violent. They have no thoughts or dreams. They don’t have choices, or control of their destiny. They are tools for the people.

People have the capability of being violent. Anyone who hasn’t had the proper education in safety and training for firearms can also have the capability of acting incredibly stupid. Does the CSGV think we just leave AK’s and AR-15’s lying around the floor in between fireworks and our NRA issued bucket of gasoline?

My grandfather had a cabin in Minnesota that my father would take us to every other weekend. The first thing he’d make us do, before we even put our food away, was lock our rifles in a big safe, not unlike this one, that only my father knew the code. Every time we would leave the cabin, whether it was to go hunting or to get groceries, he would slap a combination lock box on cabin door. I don’t know if was for safety purposes or he thought the owls weren’t being totally forthcoming, but I’m glad he did it. So yes, guns aren’t safe, because it’s not their responsibility, it’s the individuals who own them.

2. The Anti Gun People Assume that Only Rednecks Like Guns

Whenever I hear this stereotype, I have to leave the room. Not because I’m angry, but because I can’t stop laughing. I know that’s just clever way for them to say that all people who like guns are stupid. That thesis isn’t just wrong, it’s insane. What are you basing your research on? If I see YouTube in your bibliography, I’m going to fail you.

The thought also doesn’t give enough credit to people as a whole. It paints them as single-minded with neither complexity nor character. Everyone in the world is original. People can surprise you. There are so many artists, politicians, and nerds in the world who are avid shooters. I’m not going bring up founding fathers who used guns, because that would lack originality. Instead, I’m just redirect you to exhibit A.

3. People Who Use Guns Are Inherently Violent

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. That’s just silly. People who use guns aren’t more inherently violent, than say someone who writes in their journal, or goes for a jog. Going to a gun range for target practice is just a form of stress relief. Some people drink or do drugs, and that’s way more self-destructive. It’s just strange how anti-gun groups don’t seem to grasp that. When they hear that, they’re reaction is, “Well, why can’t you go workout?” Because I’m not a gym rat, I’m a shooter. I’m not going to hurt you, I want to invite you.

The notion, that because I like to go hunting means that I must get off on violence disturbs my trust in the education of psychology. It shows how little people want to understand. I’m not a bloodlust Viking who wants to burn the world down. I can’t stand horror movies because of the violence. I listen to Fiona Apple constantly. I have a spice garden. I’m a chill person!

4. Men Who Use Big Guns Are Overcompensating

I don’t know why anti- gun people think that this is true, but it’s really kind of funny. I mean I don’t really have a proper answer for this one except to just laugh and point at their diving way too deep into this and probably pull up for some air. Also, why do you care? I mean, do you really want to know, because if that’s true, you can find me on Tinder.

I know we live in a turbulent time right now, but that doesn’t we have to be so rough. I know the “Anti’s” don’t mean to be cruel. They are just acting out of fear and without context. So, I ask you, the non users, to simply think before you judge. I mean, if Alton Brown likes firearms, then we can’t all be bad.

by Martin Randall