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Bowhunting in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Bowhunting in Zimbabwe wasn’t legal until 1989. Here are the details.

Bowhunting in Zimbabwe wasn’t legal until 1989, when the government began to allow bowhunting under special exception of the law, and in 1999 Zimbabwe officially opened bowhunting under new legislation.

  • Bowhunting may only take place on private (alienated) Land or tribal (communal) Land. Bowhunting on National Parks Safari areas is illegal in Zimbabwe.
  • Bowhunting Class A Game (Elephant, Cape Buffalo and Hippo) is permitted only by a special bowhunting permit has been granted by the General Director of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA). This permit must be applied for well before the Safari.
  • Plains game bowhunting in Zimbabwe is still relatively good in certain areas, but not the quality that there used to be. The country however has great dangerous game hunting safaris.
  • Zimbabwe does not have an additional bow qualification for professional hunters, however a professional guide or professional hunter licensed and registered with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) is required to be present during the hunt to guide and protect the hunting client.

Minimum Equipment Requirements for Bowhunting in Zimbabwe:

Class A Game (elephant; hippo; cape buffalo):

  • Bow Kinetic Energy 80 ft/lbs
  • Arrow Weight 700 grain

Class B Game (lion; giraffe; eland):

  • Bow Kinetic Energy 77 ft/lbs
  • Arrow Weight 695 grain
  • Broadheads with only two cutting edges

Class C Game (leopard; crocodile; kudu; gemsbok; hartebeest; wildebeest; zebra; nyala; sable antelope; waterbuck; tsessebe; etc.):

  • Bow Kinetic Energy 70 ft/lbs
  • Arrow Weight 618 grain

Class D Game (warthog; impala; reedbuck; sitatunga; duiker; steenbok; jackal; gamebirds; etc.):

  • Bow Kinetic Energy 56 ft/lbs
  • Arrow Weight 463 grain

Bowhunting in Zimbabwe may only be done with compound bows. Bowhunting with recurve bows, longbows or crossbows is not permitted in Zimbabwe unless a special permit has been issued for which the safari operator must apply for six months prior to the start of the bow hunt. This special bowhunting permit comes at a substantial cost.

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  1. Cory Glauner says:

    Here are the specs I have to have for my archery equipment for bowhunting in Zimbabwe for cape buffalo in August.

  2. Jesse says:

    Man, I guess that means I can’t hunt with my Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow. That’s my best one! …sounds like hunting in Zimbabwe has some tough regulations though. Would love to go out there someday, but that may not be for a while. Thanks for sharing this info!

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