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Arctic Air

Caribou herd

Arctic Air has been providing very diversified flying services to people in Alaska for decades. Alaska Caribou Hunting, or Bush Flying, is our favorite flying. Avid hunters continually return to Arctic Air for services because they know we have the equipment needed to get the job done, expertise of the diverse terrain we are flying in, knowledge of the entire state, the ability to get you into the field and have that great Alaskan Experience – whether you’re hunting Caribou, Moose, Grizzly or Brown Bear… we have the expertise needed to ensure you have the BEST hunt available.

Arctic Air provides hunters with the best of what Alaska can provide.

Whether you’re looking for a Alaska Unguided Caribou Hunt or a Fully Guided Caribou hunt in Alaska, we can get you in the areas you need to be in order to be successful on your hunt! We get you out of the craziness of the “road system” with people who are all fighting for the same hunting grounds close to the roads. By flying out for a hunt, you are able to take advantage of remote lakes & rivers no one else is able to hunt and/or get to.

There’s nothing quite like the Alaskan outdoors.

With your boots tied tight, a backpack thermos in tow and tunes on your MP3 player, you’ve got nowhere to go but up in one of our planes to have the adventure of a lifetime. We will help you navigate your way and show you some of the most spectacular parts of Alaska. You can take a look here at the Climate Zone, as it can vary day by day while you’re on your trip being prepared for ANYTHING is absolutely key! Remember, you will be traveling North of the ARCTIC CIRCLE when you arrive here in town.

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Arctic Air unguided caribou hunt

Our Alaska unguided caribou hunts are a true remote arctic adventure.

If you’ve dreamed of a remote, fly-in, unguided, do-it-yourself adventure, at an affordable price – this is it! These Alaska unguided caribou hunts have no hidden costs. They include airport pickup/delivery, all food, tents, cots, camping equipment, transport of meat, capes and antlers back to Kotzebue. The Outfitters’ logistical support and coordination assures your unguided trip will go as planned from start to finish.

Northwest Alaska is home to the largest herd of Barren Ground Caribou, called the Western Arctic Herd.

In addition to caribou, hunters regularly see moose, grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, Dall sheep, wolverine, and musk ox. The vast and open tundra, virtually untouched by man adds to this true wilderness adventure. The key to a successful unguided hunt is to be dropped in front of the bulk of the moving herd.

  • Our drop camps are placed along the caribou migration route
  • The average hunter should see 500+ caribou
  • Trophy class bulls are common
  • Add a wolf and/or wolverine for no additional fee
  • Bring a shotgun for ptarmigan
  • Fishing is also available
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The largest bears tend to be found on the Alaska Peninsula and the Kodiak Archipelago.

Alaska brown bear hunts on the Alaska Peninsula in Unit 9

This is one of the best areas in the world for hunting brown bear. We have plenty of big bears but you still have to be ready to go and get them.

One of our best brown bear hunts on the Alaskan peninsula alternate between fall and spring yearly. On even years they are spring hunts, and they are during the fall on odd years. Choose between a tent camp in an exclusive guide us area, or a hunt out of town where you will be staying in a Bed and Breakfast. Both of these hunts are good ones, but the tent hunt is better as far as trophy quality.

Spring Hunts

The Alaska Peninsula near Cold Bay, Alaska is one of our premier brown bear hunting areas. It is only hunted on even numbered years during the spring, and is hands down the best location for trophy sized brown bears in Alaska. This region is good, if not better than Kodiak Island for huge coastal brown bears.

  • May 10-31 (only on even numbered years)
  • Units 9E and D *more SCI record bears have come from these two units than any other in Alaska
  • Most bears will square over 10′! *our largest came from this unit in 2016 and squared 11′ 2″ with a 30.6″ skull
  • Hunting is from spike camps accessed by a Super Cub with large tundra tires. You will be hunting near the Bering Sea where bears will be searching for carcasses as they emerge from their dens.

Fall Hunts

If you would prefer to hunt in the fall, and are truly after a 10′ brown bear, you want to consider this hunt in GMU 9E out of Pt Heiden, Alaska. You will be spot-and-stalk or stand hunting primarily in the low country along the salmon streams and rivers which will be full of returning sockeye and silver salmon. The bears will be fishing to gain weight needed for hibernation.

  • October 1-21 (only on odd numbered years)
  • Unit 9E
  • The goal on this hunt is a bear over 9′, but they can get up to and over 10’5″ if you get lucky. *each year we take at least one bear from this area that will qualify for SCI and B&C.

In the Fall, we also offer a lodge-based brown bear hunt

If you want to hunt out of a Historic Alaska Lodge and have the opportunity at a ten footer, then this is the hunt for you!

*This is a lodge-based hunt 90% of the time. We’ve had elderly gentlemen come back to the lodge after a day in the field and shoot their bear from the deck. Although this is not standard, it has happened. This is a good hunt for hunters with physical limitations, such as wheelchair or mobility issues.

  • October 1-21 (only on odd numbered years)
  • Unit 9E
  • The goal on this hunt is a bear over 9′, but they can get up to and over 10’5″ if you get lucky. *each year we take at least one bear from this area that will qualify for SCI and B&C.

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