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Adria Hunt

Adria Hunt offers great hunting in Croatia for a variety of big game species. Croatia has good hunting for trophy roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, Balkan chamois, brown bear and small game. This is also one of the only areas in the world to hunt Dalmatian wild sheep that qualify for SCI. This is a combination of excellent hunting ground and game, good quality accommodation and food, having the necessary visas and permits, adequate transport and real travel insurance and, at the end of it all, proper care of hunting trophies.

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Croatia is one of the only places where European brown bear hunting is available.

This is a different spin on brown bear hunting with a higher success rate than most hunts in North America. You should definitely give it some consideration. With a growing population, Gold medal brown bears are a real possibility on this hunt. As well, this hunt has an unheard of success rate of 90%! The trophies earned in recent years prove the exceptional quality of these bears, with fur quality values often surpassing 350 CIC points. Croatia is also officially recognized by CITES, and for that reason exporting your trophy is no hassle.

Brown bear hunts in Croatia are done either during the spring or fall from tall, closed and comfortable “high seats” over bait. Bears regularly come to feed on carcasses, so the success of this hunt is almost guaranteed. Of course, given the Goddess Diana smiles upon you.

  • European brown bears are roughly the same size as North American grizzly bears, squaring 8-9 feet and less expensive.
  • Hunt over bait from “high seats” or spot and stalk (Spot-and-stalk hunting isn’t as successful as hunting bears over bait, so we highly recommend being patient and sitting it out).
  • Easy transport of trophy
  • If you get your bear early you can combo with fallow deer or mouflon sheep in a nearby area.
  • Croatia is EU member, and offers some great tourism on the coast and some excellent hunting combo possibilities.

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