SITKA Gear VS. Alaskan Oil


SITKA Gear leaves Alaska residents in a Fury

SITKA Gear a popular Montana based hunting camo company has publicly taken a position against drilling in ANWR and left Alaskan residents furious. SITKA Gear scolded by Gov. Mike Dunleavy for opposing Alaska’s economic underpinning of resource development in Alaska.

Alaska Governor
Governor Dunleavy posted, “Fake news from the media is one thing, but from a company like @SitkaGear is another. Big mistake to oppose opening #ANWR Your customer base in AK is full of men & women in the oil & gas industry & they don’t support companies trying to snuff out their economic well-being.”

The Governor has also called out institutions, such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, for their refusal to invest in Alaska oil plays on the North Slope. The oil developed in Alaska fuels the state economy and pays for the state services Alaskans enjoy.

Facebook Post

SITKA Wrote in a facebook post: “1.5 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now poised for auction then oil and gas drilling. On Monday the Department of the Interior completed its initial review, which sets up the vast coastal plain and birthing grounds for one of the world’s largest caribou herd, the Porcupine herd, for oil and gas drilling. This 19 million-acre wild landscape is flanked by giant peaks and braided rivers that not only sustain the caribou, it is an important polar bear denning site, supports the greatest variety of plant and animal life of any protected area within the Arctic Circle, from arctic fox and musk ox to countless song and shorebirds, which rely on this pristine ecosystem to not just survive, but thrive.

At SITKA, we value ecosystems and believe it’s our duty to speak up when we see steps being taken that threaten priceless wild places such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the largest remaining stretch of wilderness in the United States. We believe that drilling should not be permitted in an area that sustains 187,000 caribou and so much more. The risk posed by drilling for oil and gas is not one to be taken lightly.

Please join us in raising our voices, and speaking up for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is an ecosystem that must be protected. There’s no bringing it back once it’s gone.
Please consider signing the petition at”
Many Alaskan’s responded to this Facebook Post including, Tyler Freel an Alaska resident, Outdoors writer and well know Pod-caster (Tundra Talk) had this to say:

FB post


SITKA branded an all american Camo, Ironically sources a large portion of their products from China, most of which are petroleum based. Founded in California the company moved to Montana then purchased by W.L. Gore & Associates one of the largest producers of petroleum based outdoors products.

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