Outfit Your Rig to Be the Ultimate Hunting Vehicle

Build a badass hunting rig

You have all the necessary hunting equipment for your expedition, though you find your vehicle may not be quite up to par for trip. Here are some features to include when outfitting your rig to enhance your experience on any hunting trip:

Outfit Your Rig to Be the Ultimate Hunting Vehicle

Cargo Carrier

A spacious, well designed cargo carrier can be an incredibly useful tool to have for your hunting expedition. The DU-HA Tote is a portable storage box that is designed to hold your gear, tools, rifles, shotguns, ammo and other necessary hunting items. It is meant to be stored in the cargo area of your vehicle or the bed of your truck and is also considered a legal gun case in most states. The tote provides a safe and secure way to transport up to four shotguns or rifles, its sealed lid keeps out moisture and dust, and can be locked for extra security.

Gear Rack

Keep your guns and bows dry and safe with an interior, overhead rack. The Great Day Center-Lok is a system that allows you to effortlessly lock in your bow or gun, so it stays secure during your travels. There is no drilling required to keep the rack secure in your vehicle, as it utilizes opposing forces to create stability during its installation. The rack is made from aircraft grade aluminium and expands from 48 to 54 inches. Also, check out the Gator-Gripp for you hunting rig or your ATV.

Seat Covers and Cargo Liners

Keep the interior of your vehicle in-tact and free of stains that might follow you home from your adventures. Solvit makes waterproof covers, so your hunting dog can accompany you on your trip without tracking dirt and mud into the vehicle. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, with the option of adding on expansion vents. The covers come in a classic grey-green color, with a faux-leather trim accent to give it an upscale look that matches all vehicle interiors.


Since you will most likely be driving through rough terrain, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best tires. Reliable and durable tires on your vehicle will save you money on gas and replacement costs. Seek out tires that will allow you to drive through the rugged backwoods with reduced sound. The General Tire Grabber HTS features a fuel-efficient tire compound that improves fuel economy and boasts Duragen technology to balance treadwear for a longer life. It also features tread cushioning and noise-capturing pockets for a quiet ride, so your trip is comfortable and you won’t spook the game.

Fishing Rod Rack

Titan Rod VaultThe Titan Rod Vault attaches to your vehicle’s roof rack and can secure up to three fully rigged rods and reels up to 10 feet in length. The vault is made of aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate, which lends to the vaults unwavering strength and durability. This storage system works will nearly all vehicle roof rack systems- it secures to the roof with four clamps, which allow you the option to lock for security.

If you do not have a roof rack, the Portarod Fishing Rod Holder is a great alternative for vehicle rod storage. The storage unit is secured with a ratcheting crossbar, which doesn’t require any drilling into the bed of your truck, and can be removed easily. The system is designed to fit any truck bed size and can adjust to any angle. You can customize this rod holder to hold however many rods you may need- you can equip your Portarod holder to have up to five rod holders, then can add single rod holders to extend its holding capacity. Portarod also has lock system feature to secure your rods from theft.