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Northwest Pack Goats and Supplies manufactures and sells pack goat equipment and supplies world wide. Everything you need for a truly unique camping experience.

Top Quality Pack Goats, Supplies and Equipment

We have been manufacturing pack goat equipment since 1995. We have done extensive research to provide the most durable material for our panniers, the most non-abrasive and strongest webbing for our saddles, and the most supportive, yet soft and flexible, felt for our pads. We strive to produce a top quality product at an affordable price.

Goats have been domesticated for thousands of years and are a common sight in rural areas. Contrary to some popular beliefs, hand raised goats are friendly and enjoy human company. They are loyal and hard working, making them an ideal pack animal.

Goats were born for the back country.

They are sure footed and have a low impact on the environment. Even their droppings and tracks resemble native wildlife. Goats are browsers, which means they prefer to eat brush and weeds. They take a nibble here and there, leaving little sign that they ever passed by. They survive extremely well on common back country forage, which means no more packing feed. Due to high desert ancestry, goats can go up to three days with no water, which is good news for the dry camps occasionally found on backpack trips.

We stand behind all our products.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our equipment, we offer a thirty (30) day money back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on our saddles!

We carry a full inventory of all products and most orders ship within 24-48 hours.

Happy Packing!

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