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Muck Boots Review

Muck boots

Muck Boots Review

From the second I put on my new Muck Woody Max Cold Conditions Hunting Boot, I knew that they were going to become my “old reliable” walking-around-doing-pretty-much-whatever pair of winter and wet conditions hunting boots.

They were durable, good looking and best of all, they fit and were comfortable. They’re not going to work for chasing elk around, but for pretty much everything else I can’t think of a better “fit”. I’ve had slip on boots before and they were great for quick chores around the house, but not much else. That’s not the case with my new Muck Boots. They’re good for both work and play. I do wish I had gotten them 1/2 size smaller though because there was a tiny bit of slip. That would be my only advice for somebody buying a pair. I solved that problem be just wearing an extra pair of thin socks. No big deal and I usually wear two pairs anyway for just that reason.

The first chance I got to wear them was on a recent pheasant hunting trip to South Dakota. I was surprised at how comfortable they were when I wore them all day. I noticed that my guide was wearing a pair of Muck Boots as well. I asked him about them and he gave me a rave review and told me that he had been hunting in his pair for four years and they’re still going strong.

Muck boots

Here in Idaho, my favorite place to pheasant hunt is a cattail slough below my house. This place is thick, muddy, nasty and tough on boots. The biggest problem is the muck. It just sucks the boots right off of your feet. I thought that Muck Boots would be the same way, especially since they are slip-ons, but I was wrong. I’ve tramped all through that swamp all season and my socks come home white every time. The pheasants sure aren’t happy about it though.

I’m looking forward to wearing them goose hunting this winter. I’ve always struggled with the right kind of boot for hunting in the fields. I have a good pair of leather boots that keep my feet warm, but they’re not the best in the mud and slop. I think my Muck Boots are going to be just what the doctor ordered for goose hunting. Warm and dry.

I don’t do a lot of tree-stand hunting, I’m mostly a spot-and-stalk type of guy, but I think that this is what most people would use them for and I’m sure that they would be great for that. As soon as I get a chance to try that out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, all I know is that I’m going to have a lot of fun trying to wear them out.

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  1. Kim says:

    My husband has had a pair of muck boots for years. He loves them.

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