Desert Sheep. In Search of the SLAM!

Desert bighorn sheep ram

If you are like most sheep hunters you probably started off with a dall sheep hunt or by drawing a Rocky or California bighorn tag, and then….it happened, you got bit by the sheep bug. I have been fortunate enough to take a great dall and a really nice stone sheep. Still waiting to draw my bighorn tag here in Washington and then I will figure out the dilemma that faces most sheep hunters – the quest for a desert bighorn.

Desert sheep are one of the most sought after species of bighorn sheep. This is a result of their limited range and even more limited opportunities to hunt. For some of us we will only be able to pursue this dream if we get lucky enough to draw a tag, but if you start early and plan, even with the hunts getting more expensive, you can save up enough to pursue one of these magnificent animals in Mexico where you don’t have to wait 20+ years to draw a tag.

Desert Sheep in Sonora, South Bajo and on Tiburon Island

We work with some tremendous outfitters who consistently take great rams in Sonora, South Baja and even the magical place known as Tiburon Island. Just be prepared for the price, if you are thinking you can go do one of these hunts for $15-$20,000 I hate to inform you, it’s not going to happen. Most of these hunts are going for $55,000+ so if someone is offering you a desert sheep hunt for a lot less than this, be very careful. One cool option to undertake a hunt that will be very similar to a desert sheep hunt is a free range Aoudad hunt which are around 10% of the cost of a desert bighorn.

Most desert bighorn hunts are conducted on foot because of the terrain these animals choose to inhabit.

These are not physically easy hunts, so you should look at doing a workout program like Train to Hunt to make sure you get the most out of this hunt of a lifetime, because there is nothing worse than watching the ram of a lifetime go sauntering over the ridge because you were too out of shape to cut him off.

Our outfitters are extremely successful at what they do and they strive to take care of you both on and off the mountain. Their goal is to get you an opportunity at your dream ram and make sure you have a fun, safe and adventurous time doing it.

So, if you are bound and determined to complete your slam and you have the means to go on one of these hunts in Mexico, make sure and give us a call as we can set you up with some of the best outfitters in the business.

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