Texas Mule Deer with Your Bow

Hunting Texas mule deer can be very interesting. It’s not your average muley hunt.

Because of the environment, food sources, and water Texas mule deer hunting can give you an excellent opportunity to take a muley with your bow.

I believe taking a big mature muley with a bow to be one of the most difficult achievements in the hunting world. Hunting muleys in the Davis Mountains is something that is worth looking into more deeply.

The Davis Mountain Texas mule deer hunts can also be combo’d with aoudad and javalina. Javalina make for a really fun spot and stalk while you are hunting for muleys with archery tackle. Because this area is so arid, hunting on our ranch with abundant water sources will allow for multiple ground blind locations around the ranch and because of trail cams we will have a good idea which ones the deer will be hitting. During the rut, when the hunts will be occurring, the bucks will be on the doe groups who will be living close to the water sources along with the feed. This will be the time when deer hunters will have a great chance at a good buck with their bows from ground blinds. These hunts will happen during the moth of December.

I anticipate, based on sheds, past harvest photos, and the deer I saw on the ranch this year, that we will have multiple bucks taken in the 180’s and I wouldn’t be surprised to see deer taken in the 190’s. I do believe of the 12 bucks that will be taken off the 23,000 acres the average score will be in the low 170’s to high 160’s. All these are trophies with a bow if you ask me.

If you are looking to add a desert muley to your list of critters or just want a good chance to take a muley buck with your bow, make sure you give me a call and ask about the Texas mule deer hunt. Marc – (208) 867-6675


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