Idaho & Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting


One of the hardest working guides in the business. Wyoming mountain lion hunting in the mountains on the border of Western Wyoming as well as Southeastern Idaho. This area is known for consistently producing trophy mountain lions. The key to consistent good mountain lion hunting is good snow and this outfitters area has some of the best snow in the business.  This crew of houndsmen are some of … [Read more...]

Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts

Hunting mountain lions in Arizona with hounds

Arizona mountain lion hunts from horseback on dry ground. Dry ground Arizona mountain lion hunts with over the counter tags, no draw. They have excellent hounds and horses to tree your lion under dry ground conditions. Hunting Mountain Lion's on dry ground is an art form few have mastered.  It takes the best of the best to be successful at this style of hunting.  This style of hunting is our o … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Lion Hunts

British Columbia Mountain Lion Hunting

These British Columbia hunts are in one of the best Mountain Lion Hunting areas in Canada. The reason to go to BC to take your cougar is because they are the biggest in the world. Due to their northern proximity and severe winters these cats have evolved to with larger body sizes to survive.  BC is the place to go to kill a Boone and Crockett mountain lion. * This British Columbia O … [Read more...]

Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting

Nevada cougar hunting with a bow

Nevada has some incredible mountain lion hunting. It is a sleeper, and this Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitter goes above and beyond to try to ensure your success. This hunt is hunt is an affordable alternative to someone looking for a deal.  The houndman on this hunt does a great job and works his butt off to help our clients get a cat. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices … [Read more...]

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts


If you have never hunted with the use of hounds you will gain a new respect for what these dogs can do while hunting mountain lions. These Colorado mountain lion hunts take place in prime mountain lion country with a good population of mature toms. They use trucks, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles to find a mountain lion track then the hounds are turned out. Start Planning Your Hunt Request … [Read more...]