New #1 Argentina Red Stag

Breaking News: New #1 Argentina Red Stag!

We just received the following news from one of our Argentina outfitters:

Just wanted to let you know that we are having a very good red stag season so far. Ten days ago we shot the New #1 Record Red Stag in Argentina at one of our ranches. The stag scores 279 CIC and 486 SCI.”

Argentina red stag don’t get as big as they do in New Zealand. This is mainly because the big bulls you see from New Zealand are typically taken behind high fence hunting operations. Hunting in Argentina is 100% fair chase because the bigger bulls usually move down and congregate in the lower country during the roar, or rut. The red stag roar in Argentina begins in mid-March and runs through April, and success rates run near 100%. You will usually be hunting on horseback to different glassing spots. Once a good stag is spotted, the stalking begins. Another good thing about Argentina red stag hunting is once you get your bull, you can continue hunting for another, or you can hunt wild boars or go fishing.

Well… ’nuff said. Sometimes no more words are needed. You can’t tell me you don’t want to go to Argentina after a red stag now. Get more information. »

New #1 Record Red Stag in Argentina



    1. Eric Ellefson says

      Beautiful animal! These guys are amazing to see in person and correct me if I am wrong, but did a gentleman from South Dakota hold the previous record? Mr. Correa?

    2. admin says

      I’m not sure who held the previous record. I’ll have to find out. Planning on doing a more “in depth” post on this when I get more information.

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