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Elephant hunting, one of the most misunderstood sports in the world.

The anti-hunting community would like you to believe the elephant is endangered and on the verge of extinction. Facts however paint a very different picture. There are in excess of 70,000 elephants in ONLY Zimbabwe today – nearly double the amount of elephants that the environment has the capacity to support, so hunting is an important conservation tool.

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Elephant is among the most exciting and arguably the most dangerous hunts in the world. The leader in the African “Big Five”, you will have to control your emotions as you stalk to within 30 yards for a shot. Ask us about elephant hunting »

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Elephant Hunting Tips, Information, and Helpful Links

– No part of the elephant is ever wasted. See what happens to an elephant after the shot here.

Elephant Hunting Field Photos from Our Clients and PH’s

African elephant hunting requires expert tracking. In addition, an elephant hunter must be prepared to walk great distances, for days on end, to secure a good tusker. The elephant is one of the most exciting trophies to hunt.

Elephant Hunting Videos

These elephant hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the guides and outfitters that we work with.

Video: The Elephant and the Pauper

A movie which tackles the issue of the ban on the importation of sport hunted ivory from Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

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