Elephant Hunting

Elephant hunting, one of the most misunderstood sports.

Zimbabwe Elephant HuntingThe anti-hunting community would like you to believe the elephant is endangered and on the verge of extinction. Facts however paint a very different picture.

There are in excess of 70,000 elephants in ONLY Zimbabwe today – nearly double the amount of elephants that the environment has the capacity to support, so hunting is an important conservation tool.

No part of the elephant is ever wasted

Browse Our Elephant Hunting Safaris:

Mozambique tented safari Mozambique Tented Safari – A Classic, Traditional African Safari
  • Traditional East African Safari Tent Camps
  • Plains Game and Dangerous Game
  • 22 Species of Hunt-able Game!
  • Huge Herds of Cape Buffalo and Sable
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  • Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt
  • 10 to 14 Days Hunts
  • Hunt a Huge Area with No Fences
  • Free Range, Fair Chase Elephant Hunting
  • Averaging 35 to 50 Pound Bulls
  • Some Bulls Will Go Up To 90 lbs.
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  • South Africa Elephant Hunts South Africa Elephant Hunting, Exportable to USA and Europe
  • Free Range Elephant Hunting in South Africa
  • Trophy Elephant Hunts
  • Elephants are Exportable to USA and Europe
  • 70% Success Rate
  • Trophy Bulls up to 70 Pounds
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  • Zimbabwe Trophy Elephant Hunting Zimbabwe Elephant Hunting for 50-90+ lb. Bulls
  • Zimbabwe Trophy Elephant Hunting
  • Target Bulls Over 50 lbs.
  • Some Bulls Go Over 90 lbs.
  • Partial Refund if You Are Not Successful
  • Safe Trusted Outfitter
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  • Zimbabwe non-trophy elephant hunts Zimbabwe Tuskless Elephant Hunt
  • Non-Trophy Elephant Hunts in Zimbabwe
  • Elephant Hunts for Bulls Under 35lbs.
  • ...or Tuskless Elephant Hunts
  • Unbeatable Price!
  • Add Plains Game to Your Hunt
  • June - September
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  • Mozambique Elephant Hunting Safaris Mozambique Elephant Hunting in the Zambeze Delta
  • Mozambique Elephant Safari
  • Hunt the Famous Zambeze Delta
  • Some Bulls Have Made 100 lbs!
  • 22 Species of Huntable Game
  • Classic African Safari
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  • Elephant-Hunting-Cameroun---Cameroon-Forest-Elephants Forest Elephant Hunting in Cameroon
  • Cameroon Forest Elephant Safaris
  • Hunt Forest Elephants with Pygmy Trackers
  • Forest Elephants in the Cameroon Jungle
  • Bongo, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, and Situanga
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  • African elephant hunting requires expert tracking. In addition, an elephant hunter must be prepared to walk great distances, for days on end, to secure a good tusker. The elephant is one of the most exciting trophies to hunt.


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