Hunting the Muntjac Deer in Europe

Muntjac Deer

Muntiacus reevesi I doubt the 11th Duke of Bedford had any idea how successful the Muntjac deer would thrive in the English countryside after leaving the deer park gate open during WWII. Muntjac were originally residents of Asian deciduous and coniferous woodland where they are now endangered. Now they are a common species when hunting in Europe. Muntjac is the smallest of the six species … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Elk Hunting is a Sacred Act

Elk hunting video

Outdoors International Hunting Videos: Episode 5 | Season 4 As Elk Hunters, We Are Blessed.... Even When We Fail. For most hunters, elk hunting is so much more than just meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. It's about the experience, the friendship, the challenge, the animals, the land, the excitement, the despair.... sometimes it all comes together, but most of the time it doesn't. … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Caribou Hunt

Alaska Caribou Hunting Outfitter

Your Name: Anonymous Your Location: TX Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Alaska Caribou Hunt Date: 3rd week of August, 2014 Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? Yes Please Rate Your Outfitter and Guide Scale of 1-5. 1 being “No Way” & 5 being “Absolutely” How likely would you be to refer this hunt? 4 How were the conversations with the outfitter? 4 … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Africa Lion Charging Hunters

Lion Charge

Check out this African lion charging video from last season: Extremely vindictive, a lion will finish what he starts and is well equipped to make short work of a man. An ambush predator, if he is hurt and he knows what has hurt him – he will be intent on doing something about it! The lions in South Africa are far more aggressive and tuned to human contact making them unafraid of p … [Read more...]