Archery Bear Hunting With My Family

Cory Bear with family

I guided bear hunters during the Idaho spring black bear season.... it feels like a lifetime ago. We had a lot of fun, but we worked hard. After all of the hunters had gone home, there was still one evening left of the season and I decided to hunt one of the baits. One bear bait in particular showed signs of a large boar hitting it pretty regularly (this was before we had trail cameras) so I … [Read more...]

Best Areas to Hunt Alaska Brown Bears

Huge brown bear

Biggest of the big, but not necessarily baddest of the bad, Brown Bears (as we hunters refer to them) except for Kodiak Brown Bears, are technically classified as the same species as Grizzlies, even though Brown Bears tend to grow substantially larger, live in closer proximity to one another and in general have a less ornery disposition than their interior cousins the Grizzly. However, this … [Read more...]

The NW Mountain Challenge


The NW Mountain Challenge (formerly known as the Bogus Challenge) is moving to Tamarck Ski Resort for 2014! Dates will be June 27-29th. They will also be sharing event information, updates, media, and giveaways through their Facebook page and partnering channels on Twitter and Instagram… … [Read more...]

Kenetrek Mountain Boots Review


Most of us here at use Kenetrek Mountain Boots on 90% of our hunts because they flat out work. None of us battle blisters, wet feet, hot spots, foot fatigue and most importantly we never lack for traction with these boots. I realize for some of you Mountain Hunters may be a bit overkill as you may not spend a lot of time in the steep and Rocky Mountains of the West. That’s ok, t … [Read more...]

Skull Bound – The Beginning

Jana Waller

Watch Skull Bound on The Sportsman Channel? ....of course you do. As a fan of Skull Bound ourselves, we were curious to hear Jim Kinsey and Jana Waller's back story. Well here it is. This is an excerpt from the podcast Marc Warnke did with them. If you want to listen to the entire it is. [...] "It’s funny. I put my 10 years in too, but it wasn’t in a post office. It was … [Read more...]