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Our Top Whitetail Hunting Outfitters

A huge 200"+ Illinois Whitetail

With hundreds of thousands of deer hunters in the US and Canada today, bagging a trophy whitetail buck requires research, planning and most of all, choosing the right Outfitter. As hunting consultants, that is where we come in. Our job is to find you the type of hunt that you are looking for with a […]

Outfitter Report: Idaho Wolf Hunting Overview

Wolf on an elk kill

Daily recap of last week’s Idaho wolf hunting trip Day one of Idaho wolf hunting turned out to be rainy in the morning but the afternoon provided for some good weather and allowed some good wolf hunting. Glassed two wolves running the ridge we were actually on late afternoon. Made a game plan and went […]

Elk Hunting in PA – New State Record Non-Typical Elk

New State Record Nontypical Elk in Pennsylvania

Hunting Elk in Pennsylvania Did you know there is a big enough population of elk for a controlled hunt to take place in the state Pennsylvania? In fact there is enough elk for 18 lucky hunters to be able to have a hunt of a lifetime and chase an antlered (bull) elk in the state […]

My Take on High Fence Hunting

Marc with a great South Africa gemsbock

As a hunting consultant I get asked all the time to discuss the issue of high fence hunting with clients who have never done it before. My opinion on this subject comes from my background and experience so let me fill you in there first. I grew up in Idaho bow hunting public land. I […]

Trophy Shipping Options – Clearing Your Own Trophies

Trophy shipping options

There are many trophy shipping options. Here is some good information for those of you who are interested in clearing your own trophies. We went to South Africa and Zimbabwe last summer and will have two crates, including some warthogs (which have to be signed off by USDA), so we had a few trophy shipping […]

Antelope in Nebraska

Antelope in Nebraska

Since 1953, 39,018 rifle hunters harvested 30,963 antelope in Nebraska for an average hunter success of 81 percent.

Pickled Venison Heart Recipe

Preparing a deer heart

So you or someone you know went deer hunting and now you have a venison heart in the freezer and you’re wondering what to do with it… If you’ve never eaten heart you are missing out, it’s good if done right. Here is a recipe for pickled venison heart from one of my friends on […]

So You Want to Go Polar Bear Hunting…

Huge Trophy Polar Bear

Few Hunting Trophies are more desirable than the Polar Bear Here’s what you need to know before you consider heading north to go polar bear hunting. First… It’ll be cold! Can you handle it? Going on a hunt in the arctic without good preparation and top-notch cold-weather gear can get you killed… period! Make sure […]

Hunting Opportunities in Arizona Unit 22

Trophy coues deer hunting in Arizona

Unit 22 AZ North Big Game Hunts The Outfitter that we use in Unit 22 AZ is very successful. We can help you make the most of your Unit 22 hunt and ensure that you will be hunting with a great Outfitter. Elk | Black Bear | Mule Deer | Mountain Lion Elk hunting in […]

Unit 5B North Arizona

Arizona elk hunting guides

Hunting Opportunities in Unit 5B North Arizona The Outfitter that we use in Unit 5B North Arizona has been very successfully for our clients. We can help you make the most of your Unit 5B North hunt and ensure that you will be hunting with a great Outfitter. Elk | Black Bear | Mule Deer […]

Things to Consider When Hunting Marco Polo Sheep

kyrgyzstan marco polo hunting

Altitude Hunting Marco Polo sheep is a very high altitude endeavor. Generally hunting camps are located around 10,000 feet above sea level, with the actual hunting taking place at elevations up to 15,000 feet or more. Acclimatization, or adjusting to that altitude, requires special techniques and medication. Experts recommend really taking it easy the first […]

Whitetail SLAM – The Ultimate Deer Hunting Challenge

The Whitetail SLAM Map

Whitetail SLAM, LLC ( is pleased to announce the official launch of Whitetail SLAM-a new multimedia platform that will educate, honor, recognize and award North American whitetail hunters who join the quest for a Whitetail SLAM. The mission of Whitetail SLAM is to give every hunter a slam they achieve hunting North America’s most popular […]

The Tian Shan Argali is a Sub-Species of Marco Polo Sheep

tien shan argali

The Tian Shan Argali (Ovis amon kerelini) is also called Argali del Tian Shan, and Argali du Tian Shan, but most hunters consider all Argali’s Marco Polo Sheep. DESCRIPTION & TAXONOMY The Tian Shan argali category is divided into two races: heinsii and karelini. The karelini was described from the Ala Tau range north of […]

Travel Insurance for Hunters

World Map

Travel insurance is well worth the investment, and peace of mind Outdoors International HIGHLY recommends that you protect yourself with travel insurance policies providing for medical evacuation and for lost/stolen baggage, and trip cancellations. Our hunting consultants will do their very best to see that you do not have to use it, but having travel […]

Blandford Urial Hunting in Pakistan

Blandford Urial hunting in Pakistan
  • Unbeatable trophy quality
  • Bowhunters welcome
  • Combo a Blandford Urial with Sindh Ibex
  • Safe Trusted Outfitter
  • November through March
  • learn more | Ask about this hunt