New World Record Typical Mule Deer

George Harms New World Record Typical Mule Deer

George Harms shot the new World Record typical mule deer in Mexico with his bow in 2009.

It officially scores 205 0/8 P&Y and exceeds the previous world record typical mule deer that was taken in Colorado in 1979 which scores 203 1/8. With all of the political turmoil in Mexico for the last few years, not many hunters have been making the trip… just think of how good the mule deer hunting in Mexico is going to be once things cool down. The bucks are just getting older and I can only imagine the monsters walking around down there right now. Makes me all giddy. :)

To see this new world record typical mule deer buck is exciting. Congratulations to George.

Possible New World Record Archery Mule Deer

Possible world record archery mule deer
There has been a lot of talk about a possible world record archery mule deer as well. There hasn’t been a whole lot of information, but the deer is a TOAD!

The rumor is that it was taken in Saskatchewan by Cody Robbins. The monster double drop time buck may just be the biggest mule deer ever taken by a bow hunter. This deer supposedly green scores 294 6/8 gross and 287 7/8 net. If this is true, this buck could very well become the new world record.

Update 1/26/2012: Cody’s buck was officially scored by a Pope & Young measurer at 288 net non-typical. This score does include the velvet. If he ends up stripping the velvet down, this score should easily beat the current world record.

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