Alberta Grizzly Bear Caught on Trail Cam

Wow did I just have a few incredible in the bush! Have a moose hunter up from Pennsylvania right now and boy did we get a dandy Canadian moose…. and also had a run in with an Alberta grizzly bear!

Might not sound too exciting but we are not supposed to grizzlies here! While we were moose hunting, we stumbled upon this Alberta grizzly bear and he was on a moose kill of his own. We stared the beast at 40 yards as we slowly backed out.

Here’s where the exciting part comes in…. About an hour later I realized that I had a Camtracker motion camera in the truck and came up with the bright idea to push the big bear off his kill in order to hang the camera! We grabbed a set of balls and went in there with now 2 loaded guns and the bear was not in sight. As I’m hanging the camera I notice something to my right and there the grizzly was at less then 25 yards looking at me. Talk about a nerve racking rush! With hunter backing me up I got the camera hung and got the hell outa there.

Trophy Alberta moose
The next morning we got a real smoker Northern Alberta moose! Damn near a Boone & Crockett bull. Once we had the moose on the ground we went to check the Griz Cam and got these amazing photos. Once in a lifetime pictures I’d think.

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Alberta grizzly bear caught on a trail cam Alberta grizzly bear caught on a trail cam

Call me crazy, but well worth the risk to get these awesome pictures in my opinion. What a few days its been.


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