Protect Your Hunting Gear with Gun Insurance

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Your hunting gear isn’t cheap.

Guns, bows, travel cases, binoculars, electronics, and more — all add up to a sizable investment in your hobby.

It may have been relatively painless to accumulate them over a period of years, but if you had to replace them all at once — whew! That’s why you should have gun insurance.

Have you considered how you would replace your hunting gear in case of a fire, theft, accident, or natural disaster? If you’re counting on your homeowner’s insurance, you’d more than likely be out of luck.

Most home policies include only a few hundred dollars coverage for firearms and hunting gear. But you do have another option: gun insurance from a company that specializes in coverage of sporting equipment.

One company that provides such insurance is Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc. (SIAI). Although it’s referred to as “gun insurance,” SIAI also covers bows, cases, optics, shotgun tube sets, and much more.

There is a catch, but a very small one.

The insurance is offered only to members of certain sporting or conservation organizations, such as Safari Club International (SCI), National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA), National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), and Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF). But, for exceptional coverage at a discounted premium, it’s worth a small membership fee (in an excellent organization with which you share an interest, by the way) to have access to the member benefit.

For example, an annual membership in NSCA or NSSA is only $40, and SCI is $65. Each of these also includes a magazine subscription and other benefits, so you’re getting quite a lot of value along with the insurance access.

If you belong to other conservation or sporting associations, you might find that they also offer an insurance program. It’s worth checking out!

It’s almost a new year — wouldn’t it be a good time to review your insurance coverage and make sure your equipment is protected?

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