Elephant Hunting in Mozabique

Elephant hunting in Mozambique

Elephant hunting in Mozambique will take you back 100 years This is a traditional, classic elephant hunting Safari in remote Mozambique. The Niassa region of Northern Mozambique produces more 100 pound elephants than any other place in Africa. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price You will be hunting elephants out of traditional tented camps on more than 2 million acres of the … [Read more...]

Forest Elephant Hunting in Cameroon

Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon

In Cameroon, your forest elephant hunt will be during the "short rains", which run from April through to the end of July. Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon is done with a team of Pygmy trackers and their dogs which are kept on a leash while the Pygmies track.  This will be one of the most unusual and unique hunts you ever go on. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price The … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Tuskless Elephant Hunt

Tuskless, non-trophy elephant hunting in Zimbabwe

Tuskless Elephant Hunt or Non-Trophy Elephants Under 35 Pounds This free-ranging, non trophy, tuskless elephant hunt take splace in Zimbabwe. You will hunt for management animals, meaning that this is for tuskless elephants or bulls that are under 35 lbs. If you want to hunt elephant but it just isn't in the budget, this hunt is for you!  Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically … [Read more...]

See What Happens to an Elephant After Elephant Hunting

elephant hunting 4

The anti-hunting community would like you to believe the elephant is endangered and on the verge of extinction. Facts however paint a very different picture. There are in excess of 70,000 elephants in ONLY Zimbabwe today – nearly double the amount of elephants that the environment has the capacity to support, so elephant hunting is an important conservation tool. Hunting of elephants by t … [Read more...]

South Africa Elephant Hunting

Elephant hunting in South Africa

Elephant Hunting in South Africa is a Luxury Experience. South Africa elephants are exportable to the United States and Europe. South Africa Elephant hunting takes place in the KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces.  Elephant tags in South Africa are strictly controlled by CITES. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price Contrary to the opinion of some, the elephant is … [Read more...]