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Never Let a Bear in Your Car!


The vehicle has been written off by the insurance company. The cost new was over $70,000, and they stopped counting repair costs at $60,000+.

Kryptek Koldo Blockade Rain Jacket


The Kryptek Koldo is a 3-ply waterproof rain set that keeps rain and wind out while maintaining core body temperature. The jacket fits right, wears great and protects like armor. Generous hood design with several adjustable draw straps. Koldo features a rugged exterior fabric with bonded laminate on the knees and elbows which are guaranteed […]

Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether

Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether

Features of the Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether: Built on the overwhelming success of the SideWinder, the Evo Rangefinder Tether is the next generation of retractable gear deployment systems. The SideWinder EVO is the outdoor enthusiast’s solution to dropped, lost or hard to access gear no matter what terrain is being tackled. Tether Pad locks electronics […]

Mountain Lion Attacks on the Rise

mountain lion attacks

Of the fifty recorded attacks in the past 100 years, most attacks have occurred in the last 20 years, and mostly in California.

Job Opening in Africa – Snake Noodling

Yep... that's a snake

Snake Noodling – What real men do! Crawl down into a hole and pull out a snake… after it bites your arm.

An Awesome Alaska Black Bear Hunt!

Alaska spring black bear hunt

I have to say up front that this Vessel-Based Alaska black bear hunt was one of the most awesome hunting trips I have ever been on.

British Columbia Black Bear Hunt Review


Hey guys, Just wanted you to know that my daughter Katie and I had a great experience on our British Columbia black bear hunt. She took a nice black the third day of our hunt, and a few days later we came across another great bear that I was able to take. What a trip. […]

Red Stag Hunting in Scotland

Red Stag Hunting in Scotland
  • 100% Wild Red Stags!
  • Free range. Fair chase.
  • Hunt Multiple Estates in Scotland
  • Very High Success on Trophy Red Stags
  • Good Trophy Quality
  • Combo with Muntjac and/or Chinese Water Deer
  • learn more | ask about this hunt
  • Archery Super Slam Completed by Jake Ensign

    Jake Ensign Barren Ground Caribou

    The archery Super Slam (all 29 species of North American Game Animals) has only been accomplished by a few bowhunters. Jake Ensign recently completed his 30 year quest.

    Mountain Lion Distribution

    Mountain Lion Distribution Throughout Its Range

    Mountain lion distribution extends from Southern Canada down through the entire Western United States and throughout South America.

    Kim Frederick’s Spring Brown Bear Hunt Report

    Spring brown bear hunt

    Because of less than ideal weather conditions in Alaska, we decided to select the second spring brown bear hunt offered by our outfitter… It was a wise decision.

    Bear Baiting Tips and Tricks

    Bear baiting tips

    Successful bear baiting is a bit of an art form. Through the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned a few things and here are our bear baiting tips.

    Rattlesnake Bites and the Snakes of Hunting Country

    rattlesnake bites

    Though rattlesnake bites or any other snakes of hunting country are rare, they are often nasty as the story and photos below will illustrate for you.

    Alaska Black Bear Hunting Report

    Harbor of Valdez

    As I am sitting there in the grass surrounded by dead salmon, the idea of my five day trip ending on day one finds me a bit sad… so when the hunter missed his chance to shoot and we watched the bear disappear into the brush up the creek I was doing a happy dance, […]

    2012 Success on Alaska Spring Brown Bear

    Bruce Templeton Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

    Alaska spring brown bear hunting reports all say, “hunting is tough”, but that didn’t keep our brown bear guides from filling our clients tags.