New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts

NM Archery Elk Hunts

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts for 320+ bulls on hundreds of thousands of private acres. Units 10, 12 & 13 are considered some of the premier elk hunting units in New Mexico. This NM Trophy Elk hunting outfitter has world class private and public land hunts in prime units. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices This outfitter consistently produces 320+ bulls on his over 400,000 acres of … [Read more...]

Podcast #19 – Aoudad Hunting Tips & Tactics


Learn how to hunt aoudad, their funny habits and why they are a critter worth putting on your bucket list. Listen in as Tom, one of our Premier Outfitters, and Marc discuss Aoudad hunting strategies, the gear that you will need, and what makes this particular hunt one you need to do. Learn a lot about hunting aoudad sheep in this podcast. Tom is a born and bred Idaho sheep and deer nut. … [Read more...]

OUTFITTER REPORT: Idaho Antelope Season

Brian Best Antelope

Last years' Idaho Antelope season was a short one, but a fun one. It started with long time GOTHUNTS client, Kyle Hawkins. This guy is an absolute riot to have around. Our area has very little hunting pressure during archery antelope season, so finding bucks is definitely not a problem. Day one and two were both full of action with numerous stalks on some great bucks. Day three was even a … [Read more...]

OUTFITTER REPORT: An Aoudad Year End Review

Aoudad Hunting in West Texas

It was a year of 30-inchers. Our first hunt started off with long time GOTHUNTS client Tom Palmer and his friend Kenny Romero from Louisiana. This was an amazing hunt where persistence, very hard work, and extremely long hours glassing paid off in the end. We were able to close the distance on a band of 70 sheep with 5 shooter rams on day one. We sat up for a back to back shot. Kenny made … [Read more...]

Backpacking Light Gear List for DIY Hunting

Gear Spotlight

Steve Speck knows how to pack light on a DIY backpack hunt. Here's his Backpacking Light Gear List: This is 99% of my hunting backpacking light gear list. Nothing extra! The only thing that can vary slightly is maybe an extra base layer / long johns in very cold temps or if elk hunting I’ll have bugle tube, mouths reeds, etc with me. -Steve Speck Main Gear: Pack: Exo Mountain Gear 3 … [Read more...]