Skull Bound – The Beginning

Jana Waller

Watch Skull Bound on The Sportsman Channel? ....of course you do. As a fan of Skull Bound ourselves, we were curious to hear Jim Kinsey and Jana Waller's back story. Well here it is. This is an excerpt from the podcast Marc Warnke did with them. If you want to listen to the entire it is. [...] "It’s funny. I put my 10 years in too, but it wasn’t in a post office. It was … [Read more...]

Just Four Things Anti-Gun Groups Get Wrong

Anti Gun

“Dumb.” “Savage.” “Evil.” Those are just a couple of the kind words that my co-workers, neighbors, and friends say when guns are the topic of conversation. It’s baffling how people, who pride themselves on their open-mindedness and benevolence, can be so rude and ignorant. I have often wondered what the “Anti’s” think we do all day. Sit in a dark room filled with maps planning world domination … [Read more...]

Conservation & Sheep Hunting Go Hand in Hand

bighorn sheep

26 Canadian Bighorn Sheep have just found a new home near Deadwood South Dakota thanks to the money generated through conservation auction tags. Sheep Find New Home in SD This is a cool story, I love getting to see hunters conservation dollars being put to great use. There are so many who are so quick to say that all hunters care about is killing animals, but the reality is hunters do more … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Fandrich Family in Namibia


We saw tons of animals, but the Kudu was by far the hardest animal to hunt. We saw lots, but typically only for a split second. After a few days of walk and stalk, we decided to hunt s high blind. We saw a decent Kudu come out at dark, and Helmuth told me that he was a shooter but that we should wait for a bigger one- glad we did. We went back to the same blind the next morning around 0900 after a … [Read more...]