Lost your passport overseas…NOW WHAT?

African Hunting Safaris

What to Do if You Lose Your Passport Abroad You’ve just finished up your dream hunt, you have spent 10 days in the Mountains of Tajikistan pursuing a Trophy Marco Polo ram. You are exhausted and yet totally energized from the challenge of hunting in some of the most remote terrain in the world and most of all you successfully harvested a tremendous 59” ram. You get to the hotel in Dushanbe aft … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Turkey Hunting Mistakes


A turkey's intelligence may not be as important as their sharpness of senses if you are looking for a successful hunt. However, one should account for both as the theory that turkeys are dumb animals might not necessarily be true. Oddly enough, even though turkeys have no external ears, they are still equipped with a keen sense of hearing. Their visual field is about 270 degrees, allowing … [Read more...]

How much do you know about America!

American flag

This is going to be a bit different post than you are used to seeing, but the fact is that we do more than just hunting and fishing, we also provide adventure trips for you and your family. So with that being said...Its that time of year, summer vacation is coming quick and if you are like me, I sometimes struggle finding things to do with my family, because if it was just up to me, we would live … [Read more...]

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts

NM Archery Elk Hunts

New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts for 320+ bulls on hundreds of thousands of private acres. Units 10, 12 & 13 are considered some of the premier elk hunting units in New Mexico. This NM Trophy Elk hunting outfitter has world class private and public land hunts in prime units. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices This outfitter consistently produces 320+ bulls on his over 400,000 acres of … [Read more...]

Podcast #19 – Aoudad Hunting Tips & Tactics


Learn how to hunt aoudad, their funny habits and why they are a critter worth putting on your bucket list. Listen in as Tom, one of our Premier Outfitters, and Marc discuss Aoudad hunting strategies, the gear that you will need, and what makes this particular hunt one you need to do. Learn a lot about hunting aoudad sheep in this podcast. Tom is a born and bred Idaho sheep and deer nut. … [Read more...]