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Terry’s Taxidermy

Over 30 years of experienceexotics

Terry’s Taxidermy can bring your mounts to life! Our superior team of taxidermist are always ready to recreate each animals distinct characteristics to form that perfect life like appearance.
All taxidermy work is done by our professional staff of taxidermist. Our trophy mounts are designed to give every hunter and fisherman pride in displaying their memories… Skins are professionally tanned to help insure the longevity of your mount. All means possible are taken to insure the quality of the mounts to last for many years of enjoyment.


Terry’s specializes in all mounts including: African, Exotics, Deer, Elk, Hogs, Fish (Bass, Striper, Crappie, Deep Sea…etc), Birds (Turkey, Ducks, Geese, Pheasant…etc), reptiles. If you have shot it or caught it we have probably mounted it.

Meat processing

Terry’s is also a meat processing plant offering processing to most any wild game including but not limited to; Deer, Elk, Hogs, and Antelope. We have a wide range of cuts and most of our customers order extras including our tasty summer sausage with jalapeno and cheese, deer dogs, hot links, snack sticks, polish sausage, breakfast sausage..etc. We even have a night drop cooler at the back of our establishment for after hours drop off.

Website: https://terrystaxidermy.com/

Phone: Shop 405-787-7883 Cell 405-308-5767


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