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South Africa Hunting Safari


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Giveaway winner Dason Lasater’s Hunting Report

I had never been successful with my bow till this trip, we sat the blind on the evening of the first day. Sables were everywhere, zebras were coming in and at 5PM that night they all took off and the kudu we were waiting for had finally showed up. He came in and looked me right in the eyes through the small blind window like he knew I was there and a sable spooked him away.

We waited 5 more minutes and he came back in only to be blocked by another sable. He spooked again, please come back is all that was running through my mind. I was very calm and collected at this point. He came in one last time and I put the arrow right through his heart and into the opposite shoulder.

I will never forget that feeling of connecting with my first animal with a bow. He is a beautiful 54 inch kudu bull with amazing curls and a perfect first bow kill. Without all the prep work that your PH puts in, things like this would not happen perfectly like this. The PHs make it happen!


The trophy quality for these animals on this new concession are top notch and in a couple of years it will be even better. I took a 54” kudu bull, 26” wildebeest (wild hunt!), an old warrior warthog, a beautiful zebra mare (she was so big we thought she was a stallion) and 3 impalas with 2 being over 23 inches! The building where they do all the skinning and gutting is awesome and very clean! I was never worried about the quality of care my trophies were receiving.

The accommodations at the concession are excellent. Every meal you will feel like you are at a 5 star restaurant. The company was always great and we shared many laughs every single day and night. Your rooms are cleaned and made new again every day and your clothes are washed! I managed to catch a cold from the plane ride over and they had all the medication I could ever need and made sure I always took my medicine. Thank you!

The trip did not go by fast for me at all. But when it was time to leave, Botes went over all the trip expenses and you can choose to pay then or later. We did visit the local taxidermist that Botes uses. You can either have your animals done there or done back home. I chose to do mine back home so I could spread my payments out on them. The quality of taxidermy work is amazing. You will not be disappointed if you go the other route. Botes also makes sure you make it through the airport as far as he can go. He made everything easy and worry free!

I am so grateful for Botes and this opportunity they provided. Thank you to all the PHs and staff. I made some new friends and will be back to see them 100%.

  • Overall, my trip was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • My outfitter’s communication before, during and after the trip was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • My guide was amazing.
  • Physically, the trip was easy.
  • The food and accommodations were amazing.
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